Ten on Tuesday: Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

Though I am posting today’s 10 on Tuesday about the contents of my fridge while on lunch at work, be assured that I did the reconnaissance for this at home before I left this morning.  Translation: the tiny, very disgusting fridge in my office was in no way involved in the crafting of this post. Consider yourselves lucky.

1. Feta cheese. There are other kinds of cheese, too, but I have been a little obsessed with feta lately. Or, more specifically, with spinach and feta omelets, which may be the best quick-dinner treat I have ever discovered. (Yes, it’s breakfast-for-dinner day at least once a week at my house.)

2. Spinach. See above. I do occasionally consider using it for a salad,  but it never really pans out.

3. Concord grapes. Far and away better than any other variety of grapes, even though they have seeds. If purple had a flavor, it would be Concord grape.

4. Yogurt. I like yogurt, except when I am required to eat it, which I am right now. (I’m on a 30-day dose of antibiotics for an eye infection, and yogurt helps hold off all manner of icky side effects.) So I’m not in love with it at the moment, but oh well. There it is.

5. Coke Zero. The commercials that say it tastes just like real Coke? Pretty much true as it turns out. I am as shocked as anyone.

6. Hummus. I have two varieties right now, cilantro lime and Thai basil. Both are from the farmers market, and both are deeeeelicious!

7. Homemade applesauce. Yes, this is from the batch I made a few weeks back. I’m lucky that it stays good for so long because I didn’t freeze nearly enough of it initially so it’s taking quite a while to eat it all.

8. Beer. Of course.

9. Eye masks. Yes, plural. I don’t ever use these, yet I have two of them in my fridge. Huh.

10. These. Seriously. Free beverages that came in the mail almost three years ago. I have NO idea why a) I didn’t chuck them in the first place or b) at any point since then.

What’s in your fridge? Can you beat unused eye masks and free tiny cans of coffee for strangeness?

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Things in Your Refrigerator Right Now

  1. Mom September 28, 2010 / 5:38 pm

    Lots of things in my fridge right now…..
    1) Freezer full of MREs. I still cook too much. But, they do come in handy.
    2) Baggies full of freeze-dried parsley, rosemary, basil, and sage — the winter stash.
    3) Several varieties of squash — my favorite fall veggie.
    4) The last of the REAL garden tomatoes & cukes from Snyders next door.
    5) “Fresh” frozen Alaskan Coho — actually caught by my cousin Nick & shipped directly from the fishing trawler in Alaska in July to their home in Elmira – to my freezer. (One thawing for tonight’s dinner). I was gifted with 3 pieces.
    6) Freezy “things” for “owies” that Grandmas have to have — Nemo & Cars!
    7) Mostly cheddar cheeses & gorgonzola
    8) Beer — of course — and a couple bottles of champagne. One never does know when a mimosa will be order to celebrate *something* — the last being my retirement 🙂
    9) A pot of freshly made split pea soup — made with fresh dried peas from a Mennonite farmstand along Seneca Lake. Absolutely delish if I do say so myself. And I’m not ready to consign some of it to being an MRE just yet.
    10) Last, but not least, farm FRESH eggs from my former office mates “girls” — as in plucked (pun here) from under the producers on her way to work in the morning. No worries there (and they last so long because they are not stored someplace else to begin with).

    And, condiments galore — probably some with additional nutrients growing on them from lack of use and age 🙂

  2. Common Loon September 28, 2010 / 10:49 pm

    Nothing in ours that compares to your winners, Sarah. Here are 10 random things (went to grocery store yesterday during preschool, so it’s pretty full):
    1. leftover birthday cake (from today)
    2. refrigerator pickles
    3. flax
    4. leftover Cephalexin from July
    5. EPA-DHA liquid
    6. Magnesium citrate oral solution – very handy if your colon is 3 times larger than it’s supposed to be and it’s dysfunctional
    7. beer brats (lest anyone be confused that we’re completely healthy eaters)
    8. apples from our orchard trip
    9. ground “fresh” thai chili paste (been in there since 12/31/2009)
    10. real spiedie sauce from Wegman’s run this summer

  3. Eileen September 28, 2010 / 11:06 pm

    1. jello (for Chris to bring to me at the hospital – I love peach and raspberry)
    2. left over raspberry cider from when we discovered I was preggo (didn’t get to finish my 6 pack 😦
    3. leftover Chinese and Greek take out
    4. fresh mint (for mint juleps for Chris)
    5. various fruit juices (apple, cran-raspberry, cran-grape, OJ, lemon juice, etc.) – water gets really boring people!!
    6. bacon
    7. apples – from the grocery store 😦
    8. brown banana’s (for banana muffins)
    9. emmentaler cheese (a new favorite) along with cheddar, feta, and parmesan
    10. a metal lock box with my Copaxone shots (remnants from the foster care requirements)

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