Finally Moved In to the Last Room

Well, it only took 2+ years to buy furniture for the last undecorated room of the house – the den, and eliminate the futon as our sofa in the TV room, but we finally did it! (Note to self, eliminating the futon is something that should have been accomplished before 30, certainly before 35!!) As previously noted, we went on a spending spree back in May and the furniture was finally all delivered in July (and I am now finally getting around to blogging about it!).

Here it is… We did a wrap around sofa in the den, And a sofa and chair set for the TV room, I should note, both sofas are very comfortable to sleep on (and my favorite part of the wrap sofa is that Chris and I can sleep on it comfortably – at the same time!!)

It’s actually been a huge bonus to have the den downstairs available for use these past couple months as it is about ten degrees cooler downstairs than up in our house.  And when the day time temp feels like 100+, that ten degrees makes a lot of difference!

Next up to “finish” the den would be securing a footstool, getting some throw pillows for the sofa, framing and hanging some artwork (tried to do that in July but couldn’t stomach the ridiculous $500+ custom framing quote) and perhaps finding some sort of curtain or blinds for the sliding glass doors (which are opposite the sofa).  Then I think we’ll be really done! So now that I look at that list, I guess we’re only half way there – sigh.

Of course, after we “finish” there is construction to be done, to eliminate the faux fireplace and replace it with a built-in entertainment center, but that feels like its ages away so I’ll be content with curtains and pillows.

In some ways its fun to always have a project on the horizon (and with a house and a kid that seems like it will always be the case), in other ways I’d just like to wave my magic wand and be done for a while.  Of course, we’d need to win the lottery for that, so we’ll “settle” for a new project every now and again.

Currently we have the old free-standing entertainment center floating in the room in front of the fireplace – a reasonable short-term solution but not so aesthetically pleasing.  Had hoped this would happen before James arrival [Ha Ha!] but hey, if it takes less than two years, I’ll be happy.

And now that the office is (somewhat) cleaned up, the futon may actually leave the TV room for its new home. The TV room has looked ridiculous – it has the futon and leather chair that have been there since we moved in, along with the new sofa and over-sized chair.  It’s been a bit crowded, but on the flip side, we had plenty of seating for the Mad Men premiere party.

So the major stuff is done for a while. I think we can now sleep nine adults in beds (5), sofas (2), and the futon (2)  so we should be good for company over the next weeks/months as everyone comes for the James meet and greet.

4 thoughts on “Finally Moved In to the Last Room

  1. Mom September 22, 2010 / 6:31 pm

    LOVE it !!! There is ALWAYS a project with a home. Tiz never quite done. Enjoy doing — it is something to look forward to — and — we must do our part to stimulate the economy — or any other reason you all can think of to shop!!

  2. Common Loon September 23, 2010 / 9:57 am

    Love the new TV room (as that was where we spent most of our time, I feel equipped to comment more on that)! Much better than what it was! Can’t wait to max out your sleeping arrangements. We’ll put our kiddos in sleeping bags. opening up a little more space.

  3. mev September 24, 2010 / 10:24 am

    Me likey! Looks very comfortable. And 9 adults = all your laid off friends. (LOL! Don’t worry, my job seems good!)

    • Eileen September 24, 2010 / 10:29 am

      You’re funny, but always welcome 🙂

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