Something, Anything and Nothing at All

Sorry for the long absence. I decided this morning that we were in desperate need of a new post.  You know its bad when you can’t stand clicking to your own co-blog because you’re so sick of the last post you wrote that you are compelled to write something, anything just to get a new post up. But here we are!

In the last two weeks, not a whole lot has happened. I started writing two posts but neither was really meaty enough to stand on its own.  One was about an anniversary of sorts.  The other was territory more familiar to Sarah than me – Bruce Springsteen.

First the anniversary. Chris reminded me on Monday that we started dating ten years ago this Labor Day weekend. You’d think that I would’ve remembered this on my own (aren’t women supposed to be sentimental like that), but I have a hard time tracking last week, let alone ten years ago.

I have a hard time fathoming how its been ten years – that’s a long time – but it has, and they have (for the most part) been great.  To commemorate our ten years, I dug out an old picture from the fall of 2000 to remind us of our younger (and less preggo) selves.

And speaking of thy preggo self, my girlfriend Emily took some fun pictures of me recently to help me remember and celebrate this time. They turned out really cute, I think, although I am beginning to think James is going to explode out my belly button! See for yourselves…

The other topic I started was Bruce.  I generally leave the Springsteen blogging to Sarah, but I saw this article in the Houston Chronicle and I decided I should write about it. But really the article says it all.  Although I do like me some Bruce, I am always amazed at how his music is used, and misused in entertainment.

Not a whole lot else has been going on.  I have slowed way down partly because it’s just hard to haul this body around in the heat, especially with the swollen hands and feet, and partly because I’m exhausted from not sleeping very well – I’m up several times and finally understand that acid reflux that has plagued other members of the family for years. (I’m sorry I wasn’t very sympathetic.  I get it now and it sucks!)

But we have managed  to squish in a last couple of date nights with friends and an Astros game (that they actually won!). And we enjoyed the first Longhorn football game of the season, which they tepidly won. We had hoped to go to the game but it was sold out and we couldn’t even get “special needs” seats – an usher at the stadium took one look at me and suggested that we see if they had any of those left at the box office but alas it was standing room only – ha ha!! These feet stand no where for more than ten minutes, let alone three hours!

Other than that, life ticks along. I’ve been stocking the freezer with dinners (there’s not much room left) and finishing getting the nursery ready.  In a little over three weeks, I’ve only managed to get three of the things on my pre-James to do list partially accomplished, and two more started. But progress is progress, right?

Our weekly check in’s with the OB are going well…although someone likes his current home and is in no rush.  Chris thinks he’ll come on the 15th.  I think the 19th.  He’s due the 26th. And the doc says she’ll give us the option a week late to induce if we get that far – and I promise she won’t have to offer twice!

So that’s really all I have to say which truly does amount to something, anything and nothing at all. We’ll try to get our mojo back, I promise.

PS  Re: George and Gracie, the cats.  They’re still with us.  We’re trying the last best option to keep them in our home, which involves medicating them twice a day with anti-anxiety meds (for real) but so far, it has curbed the undesirable behavior which is allowing us to stay one big happy family. Let’s hope they transition well to James and we can go back to life as usual once the meds are done in 5 more weeks!

One thought on “Something, Anything and Nothing at All

  1. Common Loon September 9, 2010 / 2:19 pm

    First: AWESOME photo of you two “kids!!!!” Can’t believe it’s been 10 years?! And I don’t remember the date of our first date, but I know my better half does.

    Hey, it’s the beginning of the post-Colt era, a “W” is still a win, right? Please consider updating the blog as you hit the home stretch so that you won’t have to answer any annoying texts or calls (say, from someone like me who intends well but still wants to know how you are doing, if you’re on your way to the hospital, etc.). Oh, and I am cheering for the 19th, too (slight bias), but if James wants to debut earlier, I would not be heart-broken! Will your OB make you wait a full week before inducing, or would she be willing to try to get you in when she’s at the hospital anytime the 26th & beyond?

    Lastly, I’m very glad to hear the cats are improving! Hang in there!

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