Decision Made

Baby alert…more talk about James arrival and breastfeeding 🙂

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the research I discovered linking breastfeeding with reduced relapse in multiple sclerosis. Well, I’ve finished my research (thanks to a friends scientist husband who pulled a bunch of journal articles for me), shared an avalanche of paper with my neurologist and OB, and I think we’ve made our decision – breastfeeding it is (assuming of course James and my body cooperate).

I have to say, I must have made my neurologist laugh (or hit his head against the wall).  I dropped off probably a half-inch thick stack of documentation for him to look at with cover memo asking my questions.  I figured that was easier than making an appointment and hitting him cold.  He called me back within an hour and said basically, we’ve come this far with you medicating while pregnant, and breastfeeding is acknowledged in the field to reduce relapse, so go for it.  If I thought it would be that easy, I would’ve killed fewer trees!

The OB agreed with the neurologist.  She also suggested getting the pediatrician on board in advance, just in case.

So now we’ll sink a fortune into nursing bras and a pump as I want Chris to be able to bond with James as much as possible (what we’ll save on formula, I think we’ll spend on new accessories!). Since we were much more interchangeable with Little Man not only was Chris able to bond with him much more equally, but neither of us were hideously sleep deprived.  I know it will be different with James, especially in the beginning, but we’ll do what we can to replicate the positives from our past experience! (When Little Man arrived last October, I remember thinking – without being hormonal, sleep deprived from pregnancy, healing from delivery – this new mom thing wasn’t all that bad. Ha ha!!)

In related news, we’ve taken our two-part birthing class the last two weekends.  It has been really fun to see how enthusiastic and excited Chris is…and it all seems much more real now.

I may eat these words in a few weeks, but I have to say, I’m not all that scared. I mean, there are the normal concerns around the “damage” he can do on his way out, but for the most part I’m just looking forward having this experience and meeting James. I expect delivery will have its moments, but if it was that bad no one would have siblings, right?!

Plus, I never thought I’d get to do this – so I’m trying to squish every ounce of fun out of it.  I never thought I’d have NO belly button left – really its GONE.  And I think I’ll miss his flutters and even the kicks. I’ve even gotten used to, and really kind of like, my state fair pumpkin sized belly (we’ve left the basketball and watermelon behind).

We are less than five weeks out.  The nursery is almost ready.  The “birth preferences” are written (no “birth plan” for us – we all know what happens to the best laid plans!). The “go bag” is packed along with the diaper bag. Brave new world, here we come!

2 thoughts on “Decision Made

  1. Joanne August 28, 2010 / 11:26 am

    Good for you, Eileen! There’s another benefit to breastfeeding: you never have to pack bottles to go out!! For a slacker planner like me, that was gold!!

    You won’t miss the flutters and kicks, because the rest is so much better. Of course. 😀

    Does your birth preferences include an epidural? That was the key to Sophia getting a sibling…

  2. Common Loon August 29, 2010 / 11:49 am

    Eileen, your outlook is so joyous it’s contageous. Thank you for brightening our day! Keep taking it all one day at a time and don’t get down on yourself (if you’re sleep deprived, or sore, or anything else). You will overlook most of the other stuff as you spend time cradling James in your arms. 🙂

    Oh, and if your body doesn’t necessarily cooperate, I can give you Lynette’s number and she would likely have a couple ideas that might work before you switch. That’s a perk, too…you can always start one way and change down the road if need be.

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