Cool, Laughter, and Delicious

It’s a sweltering hot Saturday in DC, but nevertheless, I’m thinking about beautiful things from the past week.

1. My air conditioning has been working like a champ, making my an apartment an oasis of cool.

2. This week, work was full of frustrating tech failures. I don’t know whether it was heat giddiness or the fact that few of the problems were within our area of control, but rather than rage about it (as would be normal) we coped with silliness, laughter, and the occasional cupcake.

3. had my first corn on the cob of the summer today. I’m not sure how it’s taken so long, but it was delicious!

2 thoughts on “Cool, Laughter, and Delicious

  1. Mom July 25, 2010 / 5:18 am

    Like you, my #1 pleasure this week has been the AC at home. I loathe hearing the electric meter going “cachink cachink” but cannot stand the muggyness.

    #2 was a garden fresh (as in just picked from the next-door neighbors’ garden) cukecumber sandwich. Yum!!!

    #3 Getting an herbal remedy from the Vet which is helping my little dog survive all the heat-generated thunderstorms so that he is not trembeling into cardiac arrest.

  2. Common Loon July 25, 2010 / 3:02 pm

    #1 – Getting to gloat about our weather (one of the FEW times each year) when Dad called and reported what you guys are stuck with (yes, I just ended with a preposition).
    #2 – Finishing several sewing projects and getting them in the mail.
    #3 – Gave all remaining diapers in the house to the nursery at church. WE ARE DONE! (note: pull-ups for overnight do not count as diapers here)

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