Cooler, Similarities, and Saved

It’s Saturday once again (how did my vacation week go so quickly?) so it’s time to look back on three beautiful things from the past week:

1. I never miss my hometown in winter, but when I leave 100-degree DC and arrive in 75-degree Binghamton, like I did on Sunday, I’m reminded how lovely it can be in the summer. (And the weather has remained stunningly beautiful – clear, warm, and sunny days, cool-but-not-cold nights – for most of my week in New York. Yippee!)

2. Seeing/meeting so many of my mom’s cousins at the family reunion was great fun – and it was so interesting to see how alike we all are. (I was, however, a little jealous to learn that pretty much every branch of the family got the gene for dimples except for mine.)

3. I got a huge fix of preservation geekery while visiting The Porches Inn and Mass MoCa in North Adams, Mass. Seeing excellently – and creatively – rehabbed buildings makes me so happy.

Honorable mention: Though I’m posting this before heading off to Linc & Michele’s annual 4th of July party, I’m so excited to see all my college friends that the anticipation alone counts as a beautiful thing – and I’m pretty sure the event itself will make next week’s list.

What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

One thought on “Cooler, Similarities, and Saved

  1. common loon July 3, 2010 / 2:45 pm

    1. Being home!!!!
    2. Finding family photos I never knew existed.
    3. Too many good things to mention from our travels – but it was all of the family that met us along the way, supported us, joined and laughed with us…we are truly blessed beyond belief. It has been overwhelming. I still think of a particular wave taking out a particluar kid on a beach and the look on his face and I start laughing (OK, cackling) all over again. Thank you!

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