500 Miles

I turned in my rental car today with just about 500 miles on the trip odometer – an average of a hundred miles for each day I had it. It was a lot of driving (from Albany to Seneca Lake and back again, by way of Binghamton) but it’s not the distance that makes it remarkable – it’s that I filled the tank only once, on the way to drop off the car at the rental agency. I spent all of $29 on gas for a 500 mile trip.


Two words: free upgrade.

Instead of the super-economy model I had reserved, I was given a Prius at the car rental agency. I was initially skeptical of a car that had a power button like a radio, a matchbox-sized plastic rectangle for a key, and required a lesson before departing, but not spending a fortune on gas made all the fuss worth the effort.

It was a remarkably peppy little thing, too – on the highway, at least. The fact that it kinda turns off when you stop makes for less-zippy red light departures, but overall it was pretty fun to drive. Almost makes me want to own a car again…

2 thoughts on “500 Miles

  1. common loon July 2, 2010 / 3:23 pm

    Our neighbors have 2 of them. They are silent when they pull into / out of their garage, which is a little creepy when the kiddos are not paying attention. We have some envy, considering the bus we drive (I recall making the statement “I’m NEVER going to drive a minivan.” HA!).

    Although we beat you on miles (3062.2 miles over 18 days, and most of the passengers were under the age of 8), I’m CONFIDENT that you beat us on gas!!!! I still have to add up our receipts, but I know that we spent less on gas and hotels then on the price of a single plane ticket from here to there.

  2. Mom July 3, 2010 / 9:12 am

    Wow!! What a trip. I’m so sorry I missed all/some of your activity but could not pass up a reunion on my Mom’s side of the family — 25 cousins 2 second cousins — it was a gabfest extrordinare. We’d mostly not seen each other for 20 years — but time had stood still. An event to long remember…. Also had a fine vacation in Mystic, CT with my sister. Summer is off to a GREAT start. Hugs for all the Loons.

    P.S. — Loon. Do not (repeat NOT) add up expenses. That’s a perfect way to spoil a good time 🙂

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