3BT: Celebrations, Conversations, and a Sneak Peek

Well, it’s been a crazy week here in Texas – a bit like a roller coaster.  We’ve had a court hearing, doctor visits, some pool floating, and lots of World Cup football/soccer (which is oddly addictive, and can stragely be justified as background TV when the baby is awake).

But even in week that was not our finest, there have still been many beautiful things worth noting. So here we go:

1. We had a lovely early Father’s Day celebration last Sunday with Chris, his Dad, and Little Man.  As a bonus, we get to do it all again tomorrow since Little Man is still with us 🙂 [that’s what I call a two-fer]

2. Wednesday, Little Man had a visit with his birth mom (which is a regular occurence) and she and I had the opportunity to speak from the heart to each other for a couple of minutes.  It really was a beautiful conversation full of mutual respect, grace, and shared love for the Little Man.  I will forever be greatful for that opportunity – and for seizing it!

3. Chris had Friday off (most excellent) and we had an opportunity for a bonus ultrasound (another two-fer), so we got to have a second sneak peek at James.  It is reassuring to see that he is well and so fun to know which motions are hands and which are feet.  He is head down already, although he may not stay that way, and all of this parts are developing appropriately.  Its sooo awesome to watch his heart beat, see all the important stuff – brain, kidney’s, etc. – and his eyes, nose, and mouth.  He was even trying to suck his thumb 🙂  What a nice bonus for Fathers Day weekend!

Hope your week was filled with beautiful things.