We Did Our Part

First, let me say, I will not often write about economic reports, but this one surprised me – mostly because we spent like drunken sailors in May. And I won’t often link to a Houston Chronicle article (not a very good paper, IMHO) but it’s where I happened to see the report (I’m sure it made more reputable papers as well – it is, after all, a dismal report in a dismal economic time, so should have made the doomsday media very happy! And some Republicans too!)

In early May, our washing machine died – not a good thing with a baby in the house – so it was replaced pronto.  (By the way, almost killed the husband when he realized that Memorial Day weekend was an appliance sales tax holiday here and *contemplated* waiting three weeks to replace it!  After I pointed out that HE would be doing all the laundromat visits, known as “washaterias” here in Texas, he thought better of that idea!)

Then we finally decided to replace the ancient laptop that I have been limping along with.  It was Chris’s for business school, so purchased in the summer of 2004 – need I say more?  We now have a Gateway desktop with an obscenely large memory and I am happy again.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we finally took our Christmas funds and went to buy real, grown up furniture. (After a decade the futon finally goes bye bye – or at least is relegated to the office as a back up guest bed).  We bought two sofas, actually, and a chair.  This will allow us at last to move into the den, the last room in our house to be furnished and put to good use,  and we will have comfy furniture in the TV room, too.  All this should arrive mid-July and I can’t wait.

So how can retail sales be down with all this spending?  And no, we did NOT rob a bank… We’ve just been biding our time, not for any real reason other than perceived lack of time to go get this stuff done, and more truthfully general laziness.  We also didn’t plan to do it all at once, it just happened that way.  But we’re done for a while…so when next months report comes out, don’t look to us.  We’ve gone back to austerity mode here.  🙂

By the way, I have no idea why I wrote this post other then to write a post… Isn’t the blog-o-sphere grand?  Hope I didn’t bore you too much!

2 thoughts on “We Did Our Part

  1. wendalicious June 17, 2010 / 10:45 am

    We just dropped a large chunk of change on new furniture, too. My household is certainly not contributing to the spending slowdown. I wish I knew how to *not* spend money.

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