Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

I’ve been spending lots of time in the kitchen lately (making fresh baby food and having friends over for Memorial Day weekend, etc.). All this quality kitchen time has me thinking of the toys that I just love in my kitchen and couldn’t (well, wouldn’t want to) live without.

So, without further adieu, here are my ten favorite kitchen gadgets:

1. Microplane – has saved my knuckles from the old fashion zester (yuck) and is just the best for anything requiring fresh ginger or cheese.

2. Zyliss Garlic Press – no muss, no fuss, no icky garlic smell on your hands – and we’re garlic people

3. Foley Food Mill – an absolute necessity for making apple sauce (and there is no jar apple sauce here)

4. William Sonoma’s Apple Corer, Peeler, Slicer – for all things apple, this gadget rocks (I was first introduced to it at a play date in Minnesota with Loon and her gaggle of friends with kiddos – I was instantly converted)

5. Baking Parchment – never clean another cookie sheet again (and works beautifully with the baking stone for even done-ness)

6. Pampered Chef Baking Stones – will never use a conventional cookie sheet again

7. Pie Crust Rolling Mat – eliminates the evils of the counter clean up and provides assistance transferring the rolled crust to the pie plate, double bonus!

8. Shot Glass Measuring “Spoon” – multifunctional (only down side is that the painted on measures wear off in the dishwasher over time, but since it costs less than $2, this is not a fatal flaw)

9. Old Fashioned Nut Cruncher with Jar Attachment – mince your nuts with a little hand crank and capture them in the attached jar – no mess

10. Old Fashioned Potato Masher – cause whipped mashed potatoes have their place but sometimes lumpy is good

Honorable mention goes to the SiliCups silicone baking cups which replace the old muffin tin (cabinet space sucker upper). I love that these stack up in a drawer and sit on a cookie sheet (or baking stone in my kitchen).  The down side is that I have a hard time getting them clean after using them…but I still love them.

So what is in your kitchen that you just love?

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

  1. common loon June 9, 2010 / 1:54 pm

    My MIL gave me a paper / cloth that you set on the bottom rack in the oven so that there has never been a need to clean any drippings or even the oven (I don’t know it’s technical name or even the brand but I’m sure it is easily googled and I’m just lazy). Lasagna’a can bubble over, berry pies…it just doesn’t matter. It falls onto this cloth, which I wipe off with incredible ease with a sponge or paper towel when the baking is done, and back in the oven it goes. This one sheet has been in my oven for about 3 years, and still works / wipes like it did on it’s first use.

  2. Mom June 9, 2010 / 7:53 pm

    I’m with you half way, Eileen. #1, 2, 3, 9 & 10 are great! Never have used #5 or 7 and I’ve baked a gazillion pies in my time. My baking stones broke eons ago & I now use the airbake cookie sheets and have fine results; and #8 I’ve never seen. I L O V E the Rubbermaid “thingy” that sits on my countertop & twirls, holding all my most-used utensils — saves a million moves opening a drawer (which actually died from too many openings/closings!) And, I guess you would not call the ceramic cook-top stove a “gadget” but it is probably the thing I love BEST in my kitchen. I will NEVER, EVER have another stove that is not “flat topped”. Clean up is easy (particularly now that we have Clorox Wipes) and there are no more grids, wells, or burners to clean.

    @ Loon — never heard of the oven liners. That’s an interesting concept too. Obviously, the liner doesn’t burn up. My favorite stove also is self-clean, but that can be a prob in warm weather — just too hot & stinky. If you get any more info on the liner, please pass it on.

  3. common loon June 10, 2010 / 10:00 am

    Ruth gave me this or something very similar:


    Very important note: take it out if you decide to use oven temps above 500 degrees. Also, do not set it on top of your bottom burner. I just set mine on my bottom rack (cut a couple of inches smaller than the rack to allow for circulation, etc…really no need to cut it much bigger than your largest oven pan). I guess I should also state that we have one of those “double ovens,” where the top oven is smaller and also serves as a broiler, so I’ve never had any issues with high oven temps or fumes since I use it in the bottom oven – where most of the baking (250 – 450 degeers) is done. There are folks that believe the fumes from the cloth are toxic – the same folks that refuse scotchguard and weather-resistent clothing because of their “toxicity.”

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