Little Man Update

So I have written very little about our life after we “got the call.”  What we can and can’t say as foster parents is a little complicated and I have erred on the side of less is more when protecting our Little Man’s privacy, and our own (I’ve also been a little preoccupied).  But in case you are curious I thought I’d write an update.  Of course, many of you have been keeping up on our adventures in less public ways.

The time since Little Man’s arrival has flown by –  its hard to believe he was just 5 days old and a mere 7+ pounds when he arrived. He is now seven months old, 21 pounds, with his first tooth, chatting, rolling, and on the verge of crawling.  Little Man has totally spoiled us (and set the bar very high for baby James)!  He really is the BEST baby EVER.  He has the sweetest disposition, cries little, eats well (actually he never misses a meal, except green foods – he’s not a fan); he’s been remarkably healthy, and is just adorable.  Oh, and he has the most fantastic smiles and laugh which he is quite generous with.  I wish I could post some pictures so you’d know I make those claims objectively 😉 but alas that is out of the question.

We’ve settled in quite well to parenthood too, I think.  Not too neurotic, not too laid back.  But, of course, Little Man has made this pretty easy for all the aforementioned reasons.  We’ve also been blessed that Chris has been on a local project since October!! so he has been able to fully enjoy fatherhood.  We make a pretty good team!

We’ve also had lots of firsts – smiles, talking, solid food, tooth, rolling, sitting.  All the usual milestones.  A couple weeks ago he discovered blowing raspberries, this week its clicking his tongue.  He’s even started hugging (I think) this week, which is just awesome!  Plus it was really fun having a baby in the house for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter although he won’t remember any of it!  And, of course, there have been lots of fun outings – Santa Claus, the traditional Texas blue bonnet photos in March, and getting all dressed up for University of Texas football.  Plus Auntie Sarah made sure we had Caps wear for the hockey season, and Grandma ensured that we have Yankee’s clothes for all seasons!

Little Man also has a whole bevy of people that enjoy his company.  He loves his play dates with friends David, Brae, Sam, and Grace.  And of course, we’ve had lots of fun times with the family.  Auntie Sarah has visited more than once, as has Grandma – she is our most frequent visitor, imagine that!  And our brother and his family came for a fun filled week between Christmas and New Years.  Little Man was very popular with the cousins which was so much fun to see.

I hate to end our update on a sad note, but we have also learned recently that it is unlikely that Little Man will be a part of our forever family.  While this is devastating, he definitely has permanent space in our hearts. (I’ll write more about this in another post.)  Needless to say, we hope and pray that we may be able to keep in touch in some way with his birth relatives so that we know he continues to thrive and be happy.  This transition hasn’t happened yet, but we know its coming.  But for now, we continue to live life, make memories, and love our Little Man.

2 thoughts on “Little Man Update

  1. Mom May 23, 2010 / 6:38 am

    YOU are special — always have been!! And you have a special mate — an unbelievably courageous and loving team. LUCKY Little Man.

  2. Eileen May 24, 2010 / 8:35 am

    Hey, we finally! got him to hold his own bottle twice yesterday. He’s now fed himself 12 ozs (including this morning). There’s hope for a sippy cup yet 🙂

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