10 on Tuesday: Favorite Television Shows

As per usual, I am grabbing my 10 on Tuesday topic from Hillary. This week, it’s favorite television shows. I wish I could pretend I don’t watch enough tv to have 1o faves, but that would be untrue. Sigh.

1. LOST – I’ve been hooked ever since my former officemate brought in a season one DVD part way through season two to lure me in. She’s not watching anymore, but I’m still in. Only a few more episodes to go and I’m not sure if I’m sad that it’s ending or excited to see how it all turns out.

2. Mad Men – Beautifully cast, designed, and costumed – and gorgeously written to show all the ugly behind the pretty. It makes me endlessly grateful to be modern, and I finish most episodes wanting to go hug a first-wave feminist for enduring untold bullshit so I don’t have to.

3. Glee – I was more of a theater geek than a show choir geek, but when it comes to this show, it’s a distinction without a difference. High school outsider + love of showtunes = Gleek!

4. Law & Order – I like all three, and rank them in the order that they appeared; original flavor is my favorite, SVU next (despite the pathologically creepy plotlines), and finally, Criminal Intent.

5. NCIS – Some time last summer, a bunch of my usual L&O reruns were replaced with back-to-back-to-back episodes of NCIS. I resisted for as long as I could, but eventually gave in. And despite the fact that it’s possibly the most inaccurate depiction of DC I’ve ever seen, I ended up hooked. What can I say? I clearly dig crime procedurals, and it’s funnier than most.

6. Criminal Minds – This show has some of the most grotesque, disturbing stories of any crime show on tv  – who thinks this stuff up? –  yet I can’t quite stop watching. Why? Two words: Shemar Moore. And yes, I realize that’s actually a name and not two words, but… whatever. Dude is hot.

7. In Plain Sight – My favorite thing about this show is that the heroine, Mary Shannon, is not a typically nice lady cop; she’s a total curmudgeon and occasionally a bit of an ass – and as such is more  “real” than any female television character I’ve seen before.

8. Bones – I hated David Boreanaz on Buffy, yet find him  – and his partner in crime-solving Emily Deschanel – entirely charming on Bones. It also has less nightmare-inducing storylines than SVU or Criminal Minds (the victim that got eaten by feral cats being a notable exception) and a slightly more accurate DC setting than NCIS.

9. What Not to Wear – A guilty pleasure, to be sure, and though I am occasionally put off by the faux-psychoanalysis Stacey & Clinton try to do on their guests, I do like their overall philosophy about fashion – that fit and age-appropriateness are paramount.

10. America’s Next Top Model – I have rarely seen an episode of this in real time, but there is nothing that will suck me into my couch on the weekend like an ANTM marathon. I can actually feel myself getting stupider while I watch, and yet… I can’t stop!

What are your faves?

Updated to add: A belated check of my RSS feeds this evening shows that sprite also made a list of faves today, and hers reminded me of a show I like but often miss because I can never remember when it’s on – Castle. So, there’s my honorable mention.

5 thoughts on “10 on Tuesday: Favorite Television Shows

  1. Sionna April 14, 2010 / 9:40 am

    1. Glee – Pretty much for the same reasons as Sarah. I was a high school geek (and still am), LOVE the showtunes and love, love, love Lea Michelle’s voice. It’s completely non-realistic and I love it even more for that. And Jane Lynch is THE BOMB! Neil Patrick Harris is guest-starring soon in an epi directed by Joss Whedon…could you possibly ask for more? Oh yes you can! Sue Sylvester doing Vogue was television deliciousness!

    2. Chuck – I love this show soooooo much. Again, high geek factor and fantastic pop culture references that can be so subtle that you realize it about an hour later. If you aren’t watching this show, I feel sorry for you. The LOL factor is usually pretty high. Plus it’s something both the hubby and I can watch together, which is rare. He lusts after Sarah and I swoon everytime Casey growls. Good stuff.

    3. Castle – Nathon Fillion. That’s all you need. He is definitely on My List. A plus is that the show is actually witty, well-written and just quirky enough to differentiate itself from other episodic mystery dramas. The sidekick investigative detectives are quite funny in their “bromance” relationship too.

    4. Bones – As long as I can get past the weekly “ick factor” (yeah the feral cat epi was vomit-inducing!), I love this show. I also love the geek factor of this show (sense a trend here?)…the one episode where three of the characters tag-teamed to stand in line for Avatar was priceless. That aside, the relationship between Bones and Booth is fascinating. It transcends the whole “will they or won’t they”, especially after last week’s episode!

    5. Mad Men – Wow. This show is so well-written and I am endlessly fascinated with the 60s era office culture. I too agree with Sarah that the infusion of women’s lib into the storylines is fantastic. As I am employed as a high-level assistant in a male-dominanted industry, I can totally identify with Joan and love how she is equally feared, revered and worshipped by all who work with her. I just wish its season was longer…oh yeah, Jon Hamm is beyond haaaaawwwwt!!! And of course a shout-out to Michael Gladis, brother of a good college friend of ours and resident snotty intellectual on Mad Men.

    6. V – I am probably in the minority here amongst Original Series lovers. I loved the original series too but I think the re-boot has been taken to a whole new level. Even though the “shock” of who the V really are isn’t there because of the original series, there are new twists and turns. I am sucked in.

    7. Deadliest Catch – this is my guilty pleasure. As a lover of Alaskan King Crab, it makes me looks at my plate of nirvana in a shell in a whole new light. I am constantly amazed at what these guys go through and sacrifice to get the crab and no longer complain about paying the price to eat it. And RIP Captain Phil. (sniff!)

    8. What Not To Wear – Again, a guilty pleasure. I don’t watch it faithfully every week, but if it’s on, I watch. I’ve gotten so many fashion tips on how to properly clothe my disproportionate, 4’10” frame AND still be a cool, hip mom of almost-40. I also heart Clinton Kelly. He’s so cool.

    9. Cougartown – I don’t always remember to watch it when it’s on, but it is HIL-AR-IOUS! I wasn’t expecting this to be as good as it is, but since Bill Lawrence created it, it had to be good. And it is.

    10. Law & Order SVU – I love Benson and Stabler. While the show gets a bit predicatable and formulaic, I still enjoy catching an episode now and then, especially on those TNT marathons.

    Honorable Mention – Dancing with the Stars, though I am not enamored with this season’s dancers. Kate Gosselin? Seriously?

  2. Hillary April 14, 2010 / 12:55 pm

    I’m totally with you on 3-8. Although #5 is really under duress. The family got hooked and, for a while, it seemed like every time I came home it was on the tv. I find the depiction of DC in Bones very silly. They combine real shots with total fiction and it makes us groan.

  3. Joanne April 14, 2010 / 10:05 pm

    I don’t really have ten anymore, I don’t think.

    1–Parenthood. So far, its really hitting the mark. And the performances are great.

    2–Chuck. Just love it. Totally fun. And Chuck and Sarah finally got together!

    3–Burn Notice. Can’t imagine why I’m on a spy kick. But the voice overs in this are totally on target. And the titles that zoom in are hysterical. And Michael’s hot.

    4–Mad Men. I still think the season finale last year was absolutely amazing and brilliantly done.

    5–Supernatural. I’ve really gotten back into it this season. Apparently, I like the apocaplypse. But I can’t spell it.

    6–The Pacific. I’ll put it on here, because I make a point to watch it every week. Its not as good as Band of Brothers, though. The lack of Damien Lewis is showing.

    My Hall of Fame include: BUFFY! FARSCAPE!!! Battlestar Galactica. Gilmore Girls. The West Wing.

  4. Priya April 19, 2010 / 12:45 pm

    We share a lot of the same TV shows. Here’s my top ten.

    1. LOST: as if this is a shocker. Love the show for the mystery and craziness that ensues after each episode. Can’t believe we’re down to under ten hours.

    2. How I Met Your Mother. I haven’t seen a show that hasn’t made me laugh outside. I’ve watched it since Day 1 and have never looked back.

    3. Bones: Love Booth (and David B), but the chemistry between him and Bones is remarkable, and while that 100th episode frustrated the crap out of me, the performances were moving. I also love how its a crime show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That it can be funny and grusome at the same time is why I prefer it over the CSI/L&O franchises.

    4. Castle. Two words Nathan Fillion, and see the explanation for Bones.

    5. Glee–forget the story lines I adore the music. The song choices are clever and so widespread.

    6. Fringe–I know, I know its basically the poor-man’s X Files, but with that show gone forever, this will have to do. Also, the relationship between Pacy (er Peter) and Walter is adorable and quirky enough to make me smile every episode. Plus a cow lives in the lab.

    7.House–got hooked after a crazy USA marathon and couldn’t stop watching.

    8. NCIS (see above).

    9. True Blood–Not usually a show I would expect myself to love, but its weird enough that I can ignore the over the top, aspects and enjoy the bizarre world that has been created.

    10. Weeds. One of my Summer shows that I watch on DVD. I’m always a season behind but Its just CRAZY

    Honorable Mention/Shows that are no longer on the Air: Alias, Battlestar Galactica and the recently ended Ugly Betty.

    Honorable Mention: NCIS

  5. wendalicious April 29, 2010 / 7:57 pm

    I’m a few days late to this party, but it’s because I’ve been trying to catch up on all the TV shows that I missed. Not. I honestly do not watch much television that I enjoy watching. If that makes no sense, there is an explanation: Bob hogs the tv. Unless I feel like watching tv on the crappy standard-def tv upstairs, or if I feel like reading instead, I usually end up watching one of three things:

    Fox News (I know, I know)
    WWE (wtf, right?)
    SNY – the NY Mets Channel

    I want to hang myself.

    But, I do enjoy watching a few shows, when I remember they’re on:

    LOST. Too many reasons to enumerate. This is truly Wendy-must-see-tv.
    House – got hooked after watching a few eps at my SIL’s house last year. I love that snarky doctor.
    The Office – Cannot get enough of this show. My husband’s boss *is* Michael Scott. The writing on this show is outstanding.

    Seriously, that’s about it.

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