Do What the Peeps Say

So, I know I said I’d give the full scoop on the new blog name, etc. today. but it’s just not gonna happen. I am exhausted beyond belief after two long work days separated by an unbelievably bad night’s sleep. If I’m not tucked into my bed in the next 15 minutes, chances are good that I’ll be conk out wherever I am, which right now is my none-too-comfortable and not-at-all-suited-for-sleeping desk.

I don’t want to be a complete disappointment, however, so I will share with you the project that has kept me so busy the last couple of days: our Peep-themed April Fools’ Day message for work. Presented as it is, in its final state, it doesn’t necessarily look like that much work, but given that it it went from conception to implementation in under two days and was shared at timed intervals via six website updates, Facebook posts, and Twitter messages, along with an email blast and involved coordinating staff from four different departments… well, I guess it just goes to show that, as simple as the internet sometimes seems, it really isn’t. That said, this was the most fun I’ve had at work in ages, and everyone is really happy with the way it came out. (As of the time I left today, we’d gone up 11% in the voting that is tied to the campaign. Yippee!)

So, take a look — and more importantly, do what the Peeps say and VOTE.

One thought on “Do What the Peeps Say

  1. Joanne April 1, 2010 / 11:31 pm

    Very clever, Sarah. But you should have covered up the white spots on the peeps! 😀

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