The Week Ahead

As this new week begins I’m feeling slightly guilty both for basking in Houston’s sunshine while it’s rainy at home and for missing out on the always-horrible first Monday in the office after springing forward. But I’m not feeling so badly that I’m regretting my weekend away, of course! Here’s what’s up in my world this week:

Monday – Today, I am going to the rodeo, to see a country music band that I really like a lot, and I’m not sure which of those two clauses seem less like something I would have ever expected to write about myself. I’ve heard the rodeo is pretty fun, though, and I’m super-excited to be seeing Lady A, so I guess I’ll figure out how to deal with the incongruity of it somehow.

Tuesday – I fly home from Houston in the mid-afternoon, which means I get a little more family time in the morning before packing myself into the big tin tube for the trip home. If all
goes as planned, I should get home in plenty of time to make dinner and settle in to watch LOST.

Wednesday – My first day in the office for the week is full of meetings and will be capped off by tutoring, that is, if my student doesn’t cancel. It’s been a long time indeed since we’ve had class four weeks in a row, so I’d say there’s a better-than-even chance that he’ll call off. I hope he doesn’t, though. We make progress so much faster when we meet regularly.

Wednesday is, of course, also St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve written about my conflicted feelings about this holiday in the past, and think I’m going to keep my celebrations this year to a nice corned beef lunch with some of my current and former colleagues.

Thursday – If I were a betting woman (which, clearly, I am) I’d put my money on the fact that I’ll be one of the jillion people rushing to get March Madness brackets loaded online before noon. I have two to do — the office pool and the one with my baseball ticket group — and while neither has any basis in reality or research, I still never manage to get them done early.

Friday – I don’t know how this could be, but my Friday is looking amazingly low-key. Not too many meetings, plenty of time to get work done, and no evening plans. I am going to try to fix that last item, but the first two are fine with me.

Saturday & Sunday – I love a weekend that comes after only three days in the office. Yippee! I’ve only got a couple of things on the calendar – a party with my Egypt trip comrades out at Farin’s on Saturday, and a trek out to Maryland with sprite for a yarn party. In her email asking if I’d come along, she said, “The new venue… is part of a little artsy shopping center that has a bookstore, a pub, a French bakery, and some other stuff in it…” She had me at “yarn party,” but all that sounds like a lovely bonus.

What’s going on in your life this week?