Sunday Snapshot: One Month Later

Regular readers of this blog may recall that the window boxes on my back porch looked like this in early February:

Snowmageddon part 2, February 10

In honor of today’s gorgeous, spring-like temperatures, I spent quite a bit of time outside, some of it pulling up the remains of the plants buried in the snowbanks above. Among the detritus, however, I found something else:

Teeny-tiny sprigs of French tarragon
Teeny-tiny sprigs of French tarragon


Delicate shoots of chives
Delicate shoots of chives

It is amazing to me that less than a month after the biggest snowstorms in more than a century, not only do I have plants that survived — but that are also already starting to grow.

I’ve always said that fall is my favorite season, but I’m not sure anymore that it’s true — I am positively giddy for spring this year. Guess that’s what having a real winter for the first time in years will do to a girl, eh?


Updated 3/8/10 to change the post title. I’ve been considering a regular Sunday photo post, and the name for said feature finally occurred to me, and – shock of all shocks – it’s an alliteration. That I dig them for titles is fairly clear, I think.

One thought on “Sunday Snapshot: One Month Later

  1. Mom March 7, 2010 / 9:20 pm

    Ah, I too spent a lot of time outside today — alas taking in my holiday lights :). Then I shoveled away the top of the boys’ 3 week old sled run to find that the sage & oregano had survived in my herb garden. And just in time as I have scarce little of each left. Oh that sun felt good. I’m sue Ma Nature is not done in the NE yet but this respite feels good!!

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