Happy Marriage Equality Day!

Today, marriage equality became the law of the land in the tiny little federal district I call home, and I could not be happier for (or prouder of ) my city. The day has been full of news stories and photos of happy couples down at the courthouse registering for marriage licenses. It’s been great to see, and — given that DC does not always get as much autonomy as we residents or our elected officials would like — it’s nice that we’re able to be part of the vanguard of what I truly expect will eventually become the law of all the land.

And, of course, I’m absolutely thrilled for my friends who now have the same options for their futures that I’ve had the luxury of taking for granted. I know some couples who are planning to wed soon, and others who will be waiting. I can’t help but wonder, though, how quickly they’re going to get tired of hearing, “So, when’s it going to be your turn?” Because, speaking as a single gal of a certain age, I can attest it gets old pretty damn quickly. Then again, I suspect that the glow of finally having marital choices to make won’t wear off all that soon.

For further thoughts on this topic, I’ll send you over to read the lovely post my friend sprite wrote. I’m not feeling especially eloquent tonight, as the paragraphs above make clear, so I’ll just add a rousing “hear! hear!” to her impassioned, imagined speech.

One thought on “Happy Marriage Equality Day!

  1. Mom March 4, 2010 / 5:55 am

    Beautifully written Sarah & Sprite!! Thanks for sharing the GOOD news and perspective. This will probably not get more than an inch on the back page of our liberal “news”paper.

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