The Week Ahead

I don’t know where my weekend went — it seems to have flown by even faster than usual, and now Monday is nearly over, too. Not to mention that it’s already March, a turn of events so stunning I can hardly believe it. (Is it just me? Are the rest of you OK with the fact that it’s somehow already March? I mean, I’m looking forward to spring, but I just can’t figure out where the time goes.)

Anyway… here’s a look at what’s on tap for the first week of the new month.

Monday – My plan for today was to get three work blog posts loaded, a new section of the website launched, a conference session proposal submitted, and to go to bed at a decent, non-Olympic hour. Done, done, done, and almost done.

Tuesday – If things go as planned, my evening will be spent running errands with my friend Julia, and then hurrying home to watch LOST at 9. (I know! So exciting!)

Wednesday – Work and tutoring, same as usual. Routine is good, right?

Thursday – Hockey returns to DC after the Olympic break, and I’ll be there to welcome it back. I wasn’t expecting to be at this game, but the guy who sits next to our seats couldn’t make it and sold his seat to Brian, who then sold it to me. I’m guessing there will be a bit of happy hour beforehand, too.

Friday – I’ve got plans to have lunch with Mary, my former office-mate, which is always a good time, and I’m hoping to catch up with Megan for drinks after work, though I haven’t mentioned that to her yet. Probably ought to get on that.

Saturday – More hockey (yay!) preceded by the usual Saturday laundry and chores routine. I really need a cleaning service. Can someone help me with rationalizing this?

Sunday – Nothing on the schedule yet, which seems fine to me.

And so, there’s my week in a nutshell. What’s up for all of you?

3 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. Susan March 2, 2010 / 6:11 am

    You would be doing your part to stimulate the economy…
    You are focusing on things of GREAT SIGNIFICANCE- not the mundane…
    It’s a great birthday present to self…
    The time you would save is worth far more than the money you would spend…
    EVERYBODY’S doing it (oh wait, that’s the line everybody used in high school!)
    Need more? I can give many more rationalizations. I am scary good at rationalizing things!

  2. common loon March 2, 2010 / 8:30 am

    I would if I could, so do it for those of us who can’t.

  3. Mom March 2, 2010 / 8:34 pm

    Love all the rationale — can’t top that! You remember we had the ladies who came & cleaned every two weeks for about 10 years, right Sarah? The place was never immaculate but they kept it from becoming a sty at the busiest time in my life and freed me for the more important stuff — baseball, swimming, tennis, soccer, dance, gymnastics, career, etc etc. And, you know, the “mundane” never did go away — the dust bunnies are still lurking in the corners and I am back to housecleaning now. Somehow, the hiatus helped make it tolerable again. And, mellowing makes chores easier to ignore 🙂 and we’ve learned they will always be here to do again…….

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