The Week Ahead

In the hopes of getting the blog at least a little back on track, I’m trying to think of new features, and I thought maybe a quick pre-cap of my week might be fun and/or interesting. (You may not agree, but my blog, my rules.) And so, here’s what’s coming up for me in the first week of February.

Monday is looking pretty low-key, without too many meetings, which is just fine by me. I’ve got a few things to get launched on the site for Black History Month, but it’s all ready to go (and, in fact, will likely be live before anyone actually reads this post). It’s also my brother-in-law’s birthday, so I’ll give an early “happy birthday” shout out to Chris here.

Tuesday’s shaping up to be a bad day followed by a good evening. I have an all-day offsite class on SharePoint, the software we’ve recently begun using for our intranet. I’m not in love with it, so spending a whole day training on it doesn’t sound like the most fun ever. I’ll be rewarded once I get home, though, since it’s season premiere night for the final chapter of LOST. I get three hours of geeky-good tv to enjoy. (And a Caps game to watch during commercials — bonus!)

Wednesday features another big launch at work, but one I’m only tangentially involved in, so I’m not too stressed. There’s a happy hour after work to celebrate the project, which I’ll probably drop by after my tutoring, since that’s my Wednesday evening priority. And since this week is all full of birthdays, here’s an advance greeting for Wendalicious, as well. Happy birthday, babe.

Thursday kicks off with a networking/training breakfast thingy on the topic of “How Facebook Makes Crowdsourcing Work.” (I’m hoping for almond croissants on the buffet, since this event usually has them.) I will be going to a friend’s birthday dinner after work, provided that I remember to RSVP in time. And though I don’t think she actually reads this, happy birthday, Diana!

Friday doesn’t have anything standout about the workday, but in the evening it’s ladies’ night at the Caps game, as my sister-in-law Jen & I will be rocking the red up in section 425.  I’m sure we’ll grab dinner and drinks before or after the game, as well. Go Caps!

I’m looking forward to a lazy Saturday — at least in the daylight. In the evening, I’ll be off to celebrate yet more birthdays.

Superbowl Sunday, of course, rounds out the next week. My brother’s long-absent party is back on this year, and I also have a couple of options closer to home. I haven’t decided where I’ll be eating my chips & salsa and drinking my beer, but I do know who I am rooting for — Geaux Saints! My friend Kathryn is also having a “clothing swap” earlier in the day, so I may get to pick up a few new-to-me outfits, or at the very least get rid of some overage from my closet.

My reading goal for the week is to finish Akhenaten: Dweller in Truth, a novel about the first monotheistic pharaoh of Egypt. I bought it for my trip but didn’t get it read while I was there, but I’m enjoying it and it’s a pretty quick read.

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  1. common loon February 1, 2010 / 9:42 am

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!!! Are you 30 yet? 😉

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