Who Cares About the BCS?

So, I know the announcement of the BCS bowl matchups was supposed to be the big sporting news for today, but I thought this was much more exciting:

That’s right, the Caps are leading the Eastern Conference (and are second overall in the NHL). Yes, I’m aware that the margins are not large – and yes, I know it’s not the first time this season that this has happened. The standings just happened to catch my eye this morning and made me happy, and I thought I’d share.

Go Caps!

One thought on “Who Cares About the BCS?

  1. common loon December 7, 2009 / 8:11 am

    Funny, as we were watching THE GAME on Saturday evening, I thought of you, specifically. Wondered if your game was broadcast on that big ol’ screen, and then realized that with the Longhorns playing, it really wouldn’t matter what you wanted. And figured that with your phone, you would get updates (although not the same) and that would carry you through the “animated” football viewing. And then the lack of tweets about a goal fest just made complete sense.

    Your previous post put it all in a very nice perspective. Still quite jealous and looking forward to meeting him myself one day – before he’s big enough to get away from my hugs!

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