It is Good to be Home

I arrived in DC on Wednesday evening (in the midst of a thunderstorm). Although flying here was a bit of an adventure [think kid kicking, window guy up every 30 minutes to pee, turbulence, flying aimlessly to avoid said storm, then waiting an hour for a gate to open up], our time here has been sweet, fun, and even relaxing.

Thursday afternoon we took in a Washington Nationals game (the original three siblings, plus spouse and nephews).  The new stadium is quite nice; not at all claustrophobic (like Enron Field with the roof) AND it has a Five Guys!!  (What more can you ask for in a ballpark?) We had a good afternoon – it did not rain as predicted AND the Nats won. Then Chris came in Thursday evening and we had dinner at an old favorite in Falls Church (gotta love a place where Cider comes on tap!)

Friday morning I had excellent girl time with my college roomie and then a fantastic Greek take out dinner with Chris’s Georgetown buddy and family (most adorable 2 year old).  Then crashed with Sarah overnight and have just returned from Eastern Market!  I miss lazy Saturday mornings at the market picking up fresh produce, meat, and home made pastas.  Found a lovely photo vendor to add to our DC collection.  (I think we now have what we need to decorate at least one room.  This will make Amy in Houston happy.  She has threatened to stage an intervention in our barren walled home.)

We also had a leisurely fun lunch with the cousins from Pennsylvania.  They are headed off to the Mall to sightsee while we are on our way out to Virginia for dinner and to stay the night.  While we have been strolling about, reliving the good old days, mom has arrived with Little Venice from home for dinner 🙂

Tomorrow is family picnic day.  Then I will spend the latter evening with a Hopkins friend seeing her new home in Rockville. Monday we’ll be back in town for more fun then everyone starts to head back out as piecemeal as we arrived.

This has been a really awesome visit (and its only half done).  I can still navigate my way through DC with sufficient ease that Chris is is no danger of the hard sell to move back next week.  But it makes me feel good to see old friends, enjoy the hydrangea in bloom, and see that my favorite old places are just as I left them (and some fun new places have been added to explore).

2 thoughts on “It is Good to be Home

  1. common loon June 13, 2009 / 11:04 pm

    Thank you! Glad all is well. Enjoy the continuing antics!

  2. mev June 15, 2009 / 3:17 pm

    I don’t like these allusions to moving back east! Does Washington have the biggest livestock show and rodeo in the world? Hmm? I didn’t think so.

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