Indian Spring

I know you are all familiar with the term Indian summer for that period in late October or early November back East when the temps rise and the sun comes out and everyone ditches their jeans for one last weekend of shorts. Well, we are currently experiencing the spring equivalent of that in Houston and it r-o-c-k-s!

A “cold front” came through on Monday which has dropped daytime temperatures to the low 80s (overnight it has been in the 60s), with low humidity, and bright sunny blue skies. This is truly cause for celebration. We actually turned our AC off and opened the windows.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to get lots of last-minute yard work, which should have been done 4-6 weeks ago around here, done. The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and the birds — the cardinals, blue jays, and robins amongst others — are out in force.

I’m told that the humidity is due back by this afternoon but I almost don’t care.   Yeah, Indian spring!!!

p.s. In keeping with today’s theme of beautiful Houston weather, I started a post back on January 3, which I never put up, called “Yardwork in January.” It said, “So one of the perks, I guess, of a 75 degree sunny day with a light breeze in January is that you can get work done in the yard.”

Please remind me of both of these sentiments in six weeks when I am kvetching about the disgustingness of Houston in July.  Sometimes, perspective is important!

7 thoughts on “Indian Spring

  1. Mom May 21, 2009 / 2:10 pm

    Yeah Indian Summer! It is a similar day here — 70ish, beautifully sunny, light breeze — and to think 48 hours ago there was ice on the birdbath!!!

    And, I do remember the HUMIDITY at Christmas — that was just a bit “unseasonal” for a girl from the Northeast 🙂

  2. Common Loon May 21, 2009 / 4:17 pm


    Set a record here yesterday: 94. Today it’s an overcast 70. Reading your post reminds me of Easter (ahhhhhh, warm smile). Enjoy!!!

    Btw, kindergarten “graduation” is tonight. Already teared up when the kids sang the “Goodbye” song and ran around giving each other hugs. The movie tonight is guaranteed to start the waterworks (as the teachers have already admitted to crying when they first viewed it). I’ve become what I’ve mocked for years!

  3. Mom May 21, 2009 / 4:47 pm

    @ CL — Each milestone has you in training for the next. Just remember, tears keep a Mommie’s cheeks soft for kissin!

  4. Sarah May 21, 2009 / 5:15 pm

    “…tears keep a Mommie’s cheeks soft for kissin!”

    Seriously, Ma? That’s the corniest thing I think I have ever heard. 😉

    The weather here is gorgeous, too. I had a hard time peeling myself off my park bench in Dupont Circle after I finished lunch today. I could easily have sat out there for the rest of the day. I’m hoping the niceness holds on for another day; tomorrow is the first night of jazz in the NGA Sculpture Garden.

  5. sionna May 21, 2009 / 9:31 pm

    Ha! A Mary-ism! (writing that one down) Gotta love ’em.

    We are having some downright fabulous Albany weather today too. Made it hard to go back to the office during the lunch hour.

  6. susan May 22, 2009 / 7:34 am

    Beautiful weather here…80’s with bright sun. We planted some spuds over at the environmental center at our school yesterday in the gorgeous weather. In the fall, since I loop, we’ll dig up the spuds and we’ll bake oven fries in the outdoor oven and eat ’em. I love this town 🙂

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