Five for Friday

I’m ruminating on a couple of longer posts right now, so while they’re still in the mental-development phase, here’s a handful of random things that aren’t enough for solo posts, but together might be sufficient to feed the internet beast.

  1. It’s been a rainy, rainy May so far in DC, punctuated with just enough sunshine to guarantee that everything — especially the grass — is growing at an alarming rate. My front yard isn’t quite to knee-high yet, but will be by the end of the weekend if it doesn’t stay dry long enough for the landlord to cut it. (It’s actually been pretty nice out today, so fingers crossed for when I get home…)
  2. It occurred to me recently that I am sometimes a little obsessive when it comes to music. Since I got back from Jordan, I’ve been listening almost exclusively to Arabic pop, but following Tuesday’s concert, I’ve been in all-Springsteen-all-the-time mode.
  3. Because of laundry issues, I was unable to wear my lucky, game-winning garments on Wednesday, and the Caps lost. I got my ass in gear and did the wash and am hoping for a return to form tonight. (Go Caps!)
  4. I’m thinking of painting my kitchen, but I can’t figure out what color I want. It’s adjacent to — and visible from — my living room, which has walls the color of chocolate milk (on that side, anyway). Any suggestions?
  5. You know what? I can’t remember what the other thing was that I wanted to include. Oh well. We’ll just call this bit of forgetfulness number five anyway. Oh, wait. I remember now. I’ve been feeling a bit torn about this new Star Trek movie that has just come out. Why? Because it actually looks like something I might want to see and I’ve never seen a single episode of the original Star Trek (the tv show or the movies it spawned). I will cop to having watched a few eps of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but that’s it — not one bit of the original Kirk/Spock version. If I see this movie, I’ll ruin my perfect record. What to do?

Updated to add my actual #5.

7 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Mom May 8, 2009 / 4:20 pm

    How about a pale cinnamon wall for the kitchen? That is what my bedroom wall is supposed to be and it just depends on the way the light and/or sun hits it — so, it changes a lot. Should be appealing from the livingroom with the brown tones. Lets Go CAPS!

  2. common loon May 8, 2009 / 7:15 pm

    I’m all about the greens. Goes with brown, very earthy / trendy.

    But really, pick something that evokes a nice happy memory. Brown is actually considered by many to be “neutral.” So you could go beach , cabin, hockey, whatever….

    It’s also fun to pick up a BHG and just get ideas (also online).

    GO CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sionna May 9, 2009 / 4:49 pm

    I hear from those that have seen it that you don’t have to be a Trekkie to enjoy this movie. Excellent acting, lots of kick-ass special effects and a great script…it’s J.J. Abrams. How could it be bad?

    Just my opinion…but I am a Next Generation Trekkie so you can take my opinion with a grain of salt. 🙂

    And I am going to see this one.

  4. Eileen May 9, 2009 / 9:42 pm

    Game 5 just went to overtime and Sarah is stroking out at the Verizon Center. You’d think her life depended on it. Dad is so proud!

  5. Sarah May 11, 2009 / 10:50 am

    @ Mom – I’m not sure cinnamon will work, but thanks for the suggestion.

    @ CL – Funny you should suggest green… The rest of the living room (the part not immediately adjacent to the kitchen) is green. So, that’s out for a kitchen color too, alas.

    @ Sionna – I don’t need to be convinced the movie is good; everything I have heard indicates that it is. What I need is to figure out if it’s worth ruining my “I’ve never seen a Star Trek movie” perfect run…

    @ Eileen (and CL, too) – Co Caps! Tonight is do-or-die. Again.

  6. Common Loon May 11, 2009 / 2:48 pm

    A sky blue? Our office is chocolate brown, kitchen is pale apple green with a sky blue accent wall. Someday, our living room will be a lighter, creamy brown with accents , window treatments, etc. to pick up the other earthy colors. Again, BHG would probably recommend an orange something, and supposedly lemon / citron are very “hip” as another choice. Citron could be a fun way to play off your other green?

  7. Sionna May 15, 2009 / 1:25 pm

    Speaking of all-Springsteen-all-the-time…my new car has a six-month free subscription to Sirius satellite radio and there is an E-Street Station – Springsteen 24/7.

    Thought you might want to check it out when you’re here in July. 😉

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