Jordan, Part 3: Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea

Just over a week after returning from my trip and I am already posting my next-to-last slideshow — I am very impressed with myself. (For me, this is practically overnight.) This batch of pictures is from the last three days in Jordan, when we went to Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.

I think the Twitter message Farin suggested when we arrived at the Dead Sea sums up this batch of photos: “It’s impossible to over-state the contrast between the Bedouin camp and the Dead Sea Marriott.” The differences, however, were not just in our accommodation: it was also desert vs. sea, mountains vs. the lowest point on earth, sand vs. mud, and wind vs. calm. The one thing both Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea had in common was that both were amazing experiences. I’ll leave it at that, in the hopes that the 50, 000+ words worth of photos will sum it up for me.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Next up in the Jordan recap… Eating and sleeping!

One thought on “Jordan, Part 3: Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea

  1. common loon April 8, 2009 / 8:37 am

    Oh to have been there! Again, thank you for sharing (in record Sarah time)!

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