20/365: Inauguration Day

Barack Obama takes the oath of office...
January 20: Barack Obama takes the oath of office...
... and flag-waving, patriotic joy erupts along the Mall.
... and flag-waving, patriotic joy erupts along the Mall.

Today’s entry in my 2009 photo-a-day project.

More on my Inauguration Day experiences tomorrow, once it’s all had time to settle in.

5 thoughts on “20/365: Inauguration Day

  1. common loon January 20, 2009 / 7:38 pm

    Been waiting all day to see your pictures! Very neat day!!! Awesome to see the mass of humanity waving the red-white-and-blue. Fun to watch “respectable” folks get giddy b/c they were able to catch a literal glimpse of the President. Kids just finished watching the parade, and oldest’s prayer before we sat down for dinner, “Please God, help the Obamas to get some good food. They’ve been standing an awfully long time.”

  2. Mom January 20, 2009 / 7:51 pm

    I agree w/CL — hope this means you are safely home! I was anxious about you or anybody navigating that sea of humanity to get home safely. And, do hope all will. News reports seem to indicate all is well. And, also LOVE the “food thing” — SO very important to kids! WHAT a day! I’ve seen good will from people I did not expect it from — FANTASTIC! Will anxiously await your later posts. Sleep well, Sweatpea! AND, no, I will not call you tomorrow morning. Again, sorry. Hugs, Mom

  3. Eileen January 20, 2009 / 8:28 pm

    Here in Texas, I hosted a few stay-at-home Mom friends for an inaugural brunch. We toasted the new administration with Mimosa’s and good food in our warm house on a sunny day. But I miss DC so much today…it made me cry. (And I am so thankful today went without a hitch. God bless America!

    @CL – sorry I couldn’t really talk – the girls were here (w/crying babies) til 4:45 but we had a blast. Please tell boy #1 I am so proud of his prayer – it made me smile and laugh.

  4. susan January 21, 2009 / 7:30 am

    I squeezed my kiddos into the library to watch the swearing in and about 10 minutes of the speech. I kept telling them that they were a witness to history…there is only one first…and they got to see it. They could tell their grandkids one day…it was neat. I really DO like the guy…he’s got the whole presidential bearing thing down pat (unlike W, I know), he’s a great family guy…I’m just a skeptic about the whole policy thing cuz we come at things from opposite directions. But…yesterday was a day for hope and confidence…and I’ll be thrilled if I’m wrong 🙂

  5. sionna January 21, 2009 / 9:51 am

    Awesome. Part of me did wish that I was there with you but the other part of me was happy to be in my comparably warmer cubicle at the office. 😉

    Little Sionna watched it at school and came home with an inauguration activity packet that stressed how change had come to Washington…I find that indoctrination in a predominantly Republican area to be quite amusing.

    And it was heart-warming to see how she actually doesn’t completely comprehend the significance of the First Black President. I think, in her mind, she questions what all the fuss is about. Why NOT a black president? What’s the big deal? Amen to that!

    I hope that this refreshingly naive ideal permeates her entire generation. 🙂

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