Great Pumpkin, Haircut, and Solitude

Wow… Not only is it Monday again already, but it’s also November. How the hell did that happen? Before we get into the beauty of the new month (The election will finally be over! Thanksgiving is coming!), here’s a look back at three beautiful things from the last week of October:

1. On Tuesday, I got home from buying the Mac just in time to unexpectedly catch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” from the very beginning, which meant I got to do the whole Peanuts dance to the long musical intro.

2. After spending several days fighting my severely overgrown hair in high winds, I finally took myself to the salon and had my hair “winterized” — so it can be blown out straight now that the humidity is gone.

3. I rode out to deep suburbia, and then the actual country with sprite on Saturday to meet up with some people from our knitting group to go out to Solitude, a small farm where the owner, Gretchen, uses the wool produced by her sheep — as well as that from other local farms — to make absolutely beautiful yarn. The weather was gorgeous, the trees were nearing peak color, and I picked up some gorgeous yarn — a three beautiful things trifecta.

4 thoughts on “Great Pumpkin, Haircut, and Solitude

  1. sprite November 3, 2008 / 11:52 am

    Thanks for going with me on Saturday. I had a lot of fun, even if I was unbelievably grumpy from the traffic by the time we got home.

  2. Sionna November 3, 2008 / 2:15 pm

    And did you know that you can download at iTunes, for free for a limited time, the bonus Peanuts election day short where Linus is running for class president.

    I may have to pick that one up for my iPod. 🙂

  3. Mom November 3, 2008 / 7:33 pm

    Great TBTs — sounds like you had a winner of a weekend. I think from a recent e-mail, ala Jen, that the Great Pumpkin “gene” has been passed on to your nephew:

    “… After checking out all of the treats, we got the kids ready for bed and watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” [video]. Just about the cutest moment of the day was when ‘G’ [age 2] got out of the chair 3 minutes into the show and got his Snoopy, brought it back to the chair, turned Snoopy toward the TV, and continued watching the show — very cute!”

    As a mushy Grandma, I sure am glad that some of the good old things are still being enjoyed to the fullest — so much changes but some things just don’t. Did Charles Schultz ever imagine that his characters would endure for generations?? I think not initially, but Horrrrray!!

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