Best Day Ever?

A big part of the reason for my trip to Albany this weekend (aside from seeing my friends) is because there’s a huge Irish/Celtic music festival going on this weekend. It started a few years before I left, and I come back to check it out every other year or so. This year one of my favorite bands, Great Big Sea, is playing here for the first time, so it’s going to be extra-fun.

In addition to the festival, Sionna & I have tickets to see another of my favorites, Indigo Girls, in Troy tonight, so I’m going to be hearing a lot of music I love today.

On top of that, add the aforementioned friends, postcard-perfect weather, Guinness at noon, and a vendor selling gorgeous, soft alpaca yarn, and really, days just don’t get better than this one.

(Apologies if the links aren’t working. Not only did I hand-code them on the phone, but I also had to recall them from memory.)

6 thoughts on “Best Day Ever?

  1. Mom September 20, 2008 / 1:49 pm

    Links worked. Sounds purrrrrfect! Enjoy your day and give a special hug to Sionna and little Sionna from me! Late summer doesn’t get any nicer than today 🙂

  2. Rudi September 20, 2008 / 9:26 pm

    Hmmmm….. Indigo Girls aren’t exactly Celtic/Irish. But I’ll let that slide, just because we’re friends and all…. 😉

    sprite and I had a lovely day: lunch at Franklin’s, yarn shopping at Twisted Skein, etc.

  3. Sarah September 21, 2008 / 12:29 am

    @ Rudi – Indigo Girls weren’t part of the festival — in fact, we left early to go see them. It was probably better that we did. The fest was moving into the phase where drunken college boys begin hopping around in what I’m sure they think is a jig-like way… and, well, I just don’t find that quite as fun as I used to. (Yes, I think this might mean I am getting old.)

    Glad to hear you & sprite had a good day, too.

    @ Mom – thank for checking the links, and I will pass along your greetings.

  4. sionna September 21, 2008 / 12:48 am

    You know you are a mom to a young child when all I could think of when I read the title of your post was the song from Sponge Bob “It’s the Beeeest Daaaaay EEEEVVVEEERRR”

    You can probably Google it or hear it on YouTube or something. Or skip it. It’s so annoying that it gets stuck in your head. Ugg.

    It was quite the best day though. Great weather (a tad chilly in the evening, but tolerable), great music, great Guinness, great friends and I scored me some decaf Barry’s Irish tea. That made me mucho happy.

    I’m so glad you’re here!

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