Made it Through the Night – 7am

I just got off the phone with Mom, who heard from Eileen about 8am EDT (7am, Houston local time). She and Chris are fine — they spent a scary night sleeping in the hallway, lest the sliding-glass doors in their bedroom blow in on them. Fortunately, they needn’t have worried — they ended up not losing any windows at all. There are several large trees down in their neighborhood, but the two nearest them (next door and across the street) both fell into the street and not into anyone’s house. Their trees have lost more than a few significant branches, so they may not all be salvageable, but they are still standing now. The fence around their yard sustained some damage also. The rain and wind continues, and they still don’t have electricity, but it sounds like the worst is over for them.

Of course, based on the direction of the storm, it’s now moving towards Conroe, the Houston suburb where Chris’s parents live. His grandma is riding out the storm there, too, so our family isn’t out of the woods yet — though we’re hopeful that we’ll get news soon that they’ve made it through just fine. Keep the positive energy/thoughts/prayers coming.

Updated to add: for those of you who were looking for a link to Chris’s blog, here it is. He stopped updating once the power went out, though.


On a note not related to my family, I just want to mention that The Job  is already starting to look for structural engineers and architects to volunteer for historic structure assessment teams to start working once the human emergency abates. More information is available on our blog.

2 thoughts on “Made it Through the Night – 7am

  1. common loon September 13, 2008 / 12:10 pm

    Thanks for the post, Sarah! Please continue to post or email as the Eileen updates roll in. Keeps us informed / helps with our worry factor while conserving their batteries. If they end up in need of anything, please do pass that along, too.

  2. Mom September 13, 2008 / 7:41 pm

    I’ve just spoken again briefly with Eileen. They are doing quite well considering all that could have been. They actually saw some blue sky & puffy clouds this afternoon while outside helping their neighbors — a couple of guys had chain saws & they all worked until they cleared the big trees that were in the street; no one’s house was hit. What a miracle! They have A LOT of debris in their yard, but that’s just it, broken fence, damaged tree; nothing major. They feel so very blessed. They are looking forward to their bed tonight instead of the “cave” in the hallway; not pleasant, but it was truly a prudent place to be. A lot of people there were not as fortunate, so let us not all forget them. E&C (and I) are so grateful for your prayers and support. -M

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