New, Vows, Easy, and Golden

I have been such a bad blogger lately — not posting daily, skipping my regular features like My DC and three beautiful things… I’ll blame the dog days of summer, and make up for it by having four beautiful things this week. Is that OK?

1. On our way home from Binghamton on Tuesday, we stopped to visit our cousin and her family in Pennsylvania. We had a lovely afternoon hanging out with them, and got to be the first guests to see their completed renovation, which is absolutely outstanding. (And, wearing my preservationist hat, is also proof that it isn’t necessary to tear down a ranch house or build an addition entirely out of scale with the neighborhood in order to double the liveable space in a house.)

2. My friends Charles & Jordi got married on Saturday night, with a ceremony and reception that was just perfect, and so “them” — heartfelt, classy, and fun.  Though I could tell they were both off the market the first time I saw them together, I couldn’t be happier for them, and was so glad to be a part of the celebration.

3. I realize this pales in the face of a lovely wedding, but the fact that, despite waiting until the morning of said event, I found the perfect dress at a reasonable price at the first store I went to, also rates as a beautiful thing.

And a bonus item: honorable mention to Michael Phelps for providing the athletic beauty of the week, not just for winning the eight golds, but also for appearing to be a real team player. Despite every interviewer wanting to make it all about him, he continually mentioned the importance of his teammates and how he couldn’t have done it without them. Speed, skill, and sportsmanship — beautiful!

3 thoughts on “New, Vows, Easy, and Golden

  1. Eileen August 18, 2008 / 1:37 pm

    Home, Home, and Home again

    I’m taking the liberty of posting three beautiful things of my own this week, albeit in the comments. I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks and I’ve had a really sweet time. Those that know me well decipher by context when I am speaking about home…and I have been to all three of mine in the last week, which makes me very happy, so we’ll count that as my TBT. And I’ve also been to a couple of my favorite spots that aren’t home* too.

    So here is a brief recap / summary of the bounty of beauty in the last couple weeks.

    Stop #1: Virginia [Northern Virgina/DC/Suburban Maryland is chronologically home #2]
    I had a fantastic, fun, and somewhat frenetic time with the nephews and their parents in Virginia.

    Stop #2: New York
    Then we were off to the original home (Binghamton) to see Mom, eat pizza, and visit Little Venice (5 quarts came home with me) amongst other things. As Sarah already posted, we took a detour on this leg to Saratoga Race Track – a childhood touchstone if you will – where we learned perhaps my Dad’s biggest passion – the sport of Kings. It was a bit bittersweet, but really it made me feel closer to him and I was able to do it with a smile (which feels like progress). While on the Bing leg we also had the opportunity to connect with several old friends visiting from places like England and San Francisco, making the trip home truly complete!

    Stop #3: Pennsylvania
    On the way back to Virginia we stopped off at the cousins house (glad to see this made both Sarah and my TBT), which has recently been renovated/added odd to…I’m not really sure how to classify all the changes except to say, Wow!!! the place looks amazing. And I learned about Webkins from the girls who are really growing fast into intelligent, articulate, and neat kids (when did they go from cute little ones to pre-teens)?

    Stop #4: Back to Virginia, and add Maryland
    The last leg of the trip requires roller skates. One last night with the nephews, then off to catching up with my best college pal, MB and her kids for 24 hours, a quick afternoon chat with friend Terry who recently moved from Texas to DC, then mad dash to the Marc train to Baltimore for dinner with old colleagues and friends, crashing at grad school pal Megan’s house, a quick visit with my uncle, lunch with more former colleagues (isn’t it nice when they stay friends) and off to BWI to fly where else but home (#3).

    The whole trip was really fun. Good quality time with the siblings, plus hubby joined the NY leg of the trip, so really a great summer break!!

    *FYI, those places are Saratoga and Baltimore, which Chris was surprised to discover (while watching Hopkins on TV) that I miss.

  2. Susan August 18, 2008 / 5:26 pm

    BOTH lists…I’m honored :-). Sarah liked the house…Eileen liked the house AND the kids. Thanks for being such appreciative first guests! The LONG months of everything being covered in drywall dust are finally over and worth it. J. and I would joke that it’s good that I’m a teacher ‘cuz I just told everybody the white stuff on my sleeves (and coats and shoes)was chalk. I think at least half the people believed me 🙂 Seriously, so good to see you guys!!!

    And don’t worry Sarah, I know you like my kids!

  3. Eileen August 18, 2008 / 8:22 pm

    Sue, do they still use chalk in school?

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