I spent a big chunk of last night playing around in the iTunes store, looking around at the new applications that were going to be available with today’s “iPhone 2.0” software update. Given that little this week has taken me away from reading my cheesetastic teen vampire novels — only work, baseball, and tonight’s planned outing to the jazz in the NGA sculpture garden so far — I was surprised that perusing the apps captured so much of my attention.

So, imagine my disappointment with the news that Apple’s servers haven’t been able to keep up with the demand for either the new 3G iPhone activations or the 2.0 upgrade. Then, take that and multiply it by the biggest number you can think of, because I became aware of this problem when I was midway through the update and could go no further. This has left me with an entirely non-functioning phone — or brick, as it’s known amongst the Apple-people.

I’ve been trying pretty regularly all day to keep refreshing iTunes, in the hopes of getting a connection to the activation server, but am still having no luck. So, it looks like I could be spending a second weekend in a row sans-phone. I don’t know if I can take it.

My settings are fine, Apple. Have you checked yours?
My settings are fine, Apple. Have you checked yours?

ETA: I had no more than hit “publish” on this post when, at long last, my phone sprang to life on the desk in front of me. Had I realized that writing a blog post would have the same effect as going to the restroom while waiting for a restaurant to bring my dinner, I’d have done this hours ago. It’s now restored and syncing, so all appears to be well (knock on wood).

7 thoughts on “iBrick

  1. The DC Feed Editor July 11, 2008 / 4:14 pm

    Great post! Thank you for the information. I have linked to this at The DC Feed.

  2. common loon July 11, 2008 / 4:17 pm

    You crack me up! Take a break from technology anyways. As you found out last weekend, it can be quite a pleasant stress relief. Here, we’re trying “technology-free” weekends (one or both days). We’ve enjoyed relationships and the outdoors – free of interruption and completely ignorant of sensational news or weather stories, etc. That said… at least half of our family would love to hear about how wonderful this new upgrade is and how we really will have difficulty surviving into 2009 without such cool gadgets in our house (and if you also have a GPS, those stories would put him over-the-top!). I’m so clueless, is the GPS-thing part of your existing iphone???

  3. Mom July 11, 2008 / 4:52 pm

    This is so wierd! I got a “restoring I-Tunes” pop-up box on my screen while reading your post !!! Had to exit the internet altogether to get rid of it! I understand your dilemma totally — I had to come back to the office last night because I left my phone on my desk — or had lost it — and couldn’t even call my number ’cause I had no other phone. So drove down here instead. Phoneless is worse than forgetting to wear earings 🙂 Call me tomorrow if it’s working…. Hugs, Mom

  4. Susan July 11, 2008 / 6:46 pm

    Just when I was going to suggest reading My Sister’s Keeper (by Jodi Picoult) you go and tech back in. Well…maybe you have time for tech, vampires, and a book about the medical emanicipation of a 13 year old that will make you cry??

  5. Roon July 11, 2008 / 10:55 pm

    Did you reach the level of frustration that you felt like doing this…?

  6. Joanne July 13, 2008 / 8:48 pm

    Jesse did this today, with his iTouch. And the same thing happened. They haven’t fixed it yet.

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