New Beginning, Tickets, and Nephews

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. On Monday, I found out that a second of my colleagues from the Old Office was hired by another department — keeping her from moving out of the building with the rest of the team. While I am still going to miss having everyone around, I am glad a couple of folks have found a way to stay.

2. While I was doing the dishes yesterday morning, my brother called to tell me he’d just found great last-minute tickets to Pearl Jam and to find out if I was interested in joining my sister-in-law at the show. Yes, please! (More on the concert later.)

3. Spending time with my nephews is always a beautiful thing, and yesterday was no exception. A couple of highlights: my older nephew seemed unable to decide what he liked more — playing with his brand-new truck sticker book or wearing my sparkly beaded bracelet. My younger nephew, who’s nearing age two, is starting to really exhibit his own personality — along with some facial expressions that are so like my dad that it’s almost eerie. (He also clearly got the gene for the mad mop of hair my brother and I both have. Poor kid.)

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