My DC: Wonders

Tuesday was, I think, the nicest day this week, weather-wise. I celebrated this in the typical DC way — meeting friends after work for happy hour at a bar with a patio. This week we went to the Argonaut, which is sort of the anchor of a lot of bar-related development on H Street. Though I’ve been there many times, this was the first time I had a chance to sit outside. I’m happy to say the fish tacos are just as delicious outdoors as in. (Turns out they’re also on special on Tuesdays. Bliss!)

After it got dark — and therefore cool enough to require moving inside — we headed down the street to Palace of Wonders, a pub with a circus freak show theme, where there is often something interesting going on. And I really mean interesting; sword-swallowers and burlesque shows, among other things, though I always seem to go there on entertainment-free nights. Not so Tuesday. We wandered in to open-mic night, and finding the downstairs a bit crowded with folks watching the acts, we headed upstairs. There’s a cutaway area on the second floor over the stage, so we ended up with a sort of birds-eye view of the performances.

Wow. That’s an incredibly long intro for this photo. Apologies for the ramble — clearly my brain could benefit from more coffee. Without further ado, here’s this week’s picture:



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