Call Me Sarah, and Other Blog Updates

The blog got some spring cleaning and sprucing up yesterday. Here’s what’s new:

  • I updated the post author feature, so that now everything comes from me, Sarah (formerly known as Sweetpea) or my sister Eileen (neé Snapdragon). I figured that, even though I haven’t solved the new blog name issue, I can at least transition us to our proper names.
  • There are now feeds in the sidebar for just her posts, and just mine, in case you’re only interested in one or the other — or you’ve read a post and can’t figure out which of us wrote it, as the new layout does not have author names on the posts like the last one.
  • Speaking of which — I’ve changed the page template and header image.
  • I cleaned out the blogroll to delete a few links for blogs that have gone dormant. I’ve also added a few things to the “stuff I like” list.
  • I discovered while poking around that WordPress has added an option to include digg,, reddit, and stumbleupon links to my RSS feeds. What, exactly, this means, I don’t know. They’re all different social bookmarking and news sites, but I’ve only used, so I don’t really know how the others work. But I added them anyway, ’cause why not?

3 thoughts on “Call Me Sarah, and Other Blog Updates

  1. sprite May 11, 2008 / 2:08 pm

    Nice spring cleaning!

  2. Mom May 11, 2008 / 3:18 pm

    I like the new look. YOU spring cleaned your blog, ME — my kitchen cabinets 🙂 Both a GOOD FEELING!

  3. MsP May 13, 2008 / 10:05 am

    You can always use tags/categories to specify whose post it is. When I thought my sister was going to blog with me, I was using a layout that doesn’t have post authors. (Now, of course, I’m stuck with an obsolete category – I think if I try and delete it I’ll delete all her posts. And I hold out hope she’ll eventually return.)

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