My DC: Take Me Out

I don’t think this week’s “My DC” subject matter comes as a surprise — because of the new stadium, baseball was the talk of the town this week. I’m part of a season ticket group and between that and picking up random tickets from friends, I make it to a dozen or so games per season, so I think the ballpark definitely counts as part of my DC.

This is the view from the main entrance. It’s not a very good shot because the crowds made it difficult to get a clear view, but I think you can get an idea of it, at any rate.

Take Me Out

Our seats were in section 419, so here’s a view of the field from way up there. Other than the fact that the players are tiny, it isn’t a bad view.

Take Me Out

Here’s a view across the park in the direction of the Capitol. Can you spot it — any of it? (There is a wee piece visible.)

Take Me Out

One of the things I found odd about the setup is that the cup-holders are on the floor. Seems like a really good way for people to end up with soda- or beer-covered shoes.

Take Me Out

I spent the bottom of the third and all of the fourth inning waiting in line for a Ben’s chili half-smoke (yum!) so I missed the inaugural Presidents’ Race. Megan grabbed my camera to take a couple of shots, but was clearly so cold she was shivering.

Take Me Out

And I know I posted a picture of the jumbo-tron on Monday, but that was in daylight, so I thought it wouldn’t be too much duplication to show it after dark.


Looking for more “My DC” photos? Hillary, sprite, randomduck, and MsP are all shooting and posting their photos, along with Mia (who I met at the yarn party this past weekend) in Frederick, DC’s neighbor to the north.

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  1. Hillary April 7, 2008 / 1:02 pm

    Can’t wait to go to see a game there myself. Thanks for a lovely advance tour.

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