Wednesday Random Ten: New Music Edition

It’s been quite a while — since before Christmas, if memory serves — since I last did a random ten list. (Here’s the orginal random ten post with the rules, in case you want a refresher on how this particular meme works.)

I decided to do one today with only music I’ve acquired since the start of 2008. Some of it is recent (as in released yesterday, in the case of the R.E.M. album) and others (such as Jonathan Coulton) have been around a while, but are new to me. My laptop at work does seem to be missing my first purchase of the year, the soundtrack to Juno, but since that’s what led me to Kimya Dawson, it’s sort of represented anyway.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new in my iTunes. As always, have at it in the comments with lists of your own, if you’re so inclined.

1. Glass – Ingrid Michaelson, Girls and Boys
2. Underground – Kimya Dawson, Remember That I Love You
3. Selcha – Yael Naïm, Yael Naïm
4. Shop Vac – Jonathan Coulton – Thing a Week 1 *
5. Change is Hard – She & Him – Volume One
6. Highway – Ingrid Michaelson, Girls and Boys
7. Horse to Water – R.E.M. – Accelerate
8. Just as Long as Me – – Jonathan Coulton – Thing a Week 3 *
9. December Baby – Ingrid Michaelson, Girls and Boys
10. Mr. Richards – R.E.M. – Accelerate

* Thing a Week is actually a podcast available through iTunes, wherein Jonathan Coulton released one of his songs (free of charge) each week of 2006. You can download all the episodes, convert to AAC and voila! Instant album.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Random Ten: New Music Edition

  1. randomduck April 2, 2008 / 12:52 pm

    My ten-pack of acquired since December 25, 2007, “choonage” (a nod to Geoff for the nomenclature):

    1. “Dressing Room Walls” – Old 97’s (from Wreck Your Life)
    2. “Sleep (Instrumental) – Kimya Dawson (from Juno (Original Soundtrack Album))
    3. “Pump” – B-52s (from Funplex)
    4. “Yeah – Yeah” – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (from My Bloody Underground)
    5. “Brand New Sucker” – Jonathan Coulton (from Thing A Week 1)
    6. “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters” – MGMT (from Oracular Spectacular)
    7. “Sing for the Submarine” – R.E.M. (from Accelerate)
    8. “Leaves That Are Green (Live)” – Simon & Garfunkel (from Live 1969)
    9. “The Limit To Your Love” – Feist (from The Reminder)
    10. “Into Eternity” – Jens Lekman (from Night Falls Over Kortedala)

  2. sprite April 2, 2008 / 3:23 pm

    Yeah, I’m totally just going to work with what’s on my work computer, which has some new stuff and some old stuff…

    1. “Homeward Bound” (live) — Simon and Garfunkel
    2. “At the Zoo” (live) — S&G [Hmmm… did iTunes not understand the shuffle command?]
    3. “Sea Image” — The Chieftains
    4. “To the Stars” — Erin McKeown
    5. “Illinois” — Sloan Wainwright
    6. “When You See the Light” — Pete Yorn
    7. “Oh! The Breeches Full of Stitches” — The Chieftains
    8. “Gringo” — Zoe Lewis
    9. “Wasn’t Born to Follow” — Tracy Grammer
    10. “Abiola” — Ellis Paul

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