My DC: The Usual, Done in an Unusual Way

The architectural styles that comprise much of DC’s housing stock offer a variety of over-the-door adornments: pediments, cornices, transoms, etc. Relief sculptures, however, seem to be uncommon, or at least crop up rarely in the areas I frequent. I pass this house regularly, though, on the way from my office to the Washington Literacy Council, where I tutor. Now that it’s daylight (yeah!) when I’m taking that walk I was able to take a couple of photos. I think it’s both a pretty and creative twist on the much-more-typical triangular pediment.
The Usual, Done in an Unusual Way

And here’s a closeup:
The Usual, Done in an Unusual Way

Updated to add:

Whoops, almost forgot to include my weekly rundown of other people playing the “My DC” game: Hillary, sprite, randomduck, and MsP. And, as I found out in last week’s comments, there’s someone playing along just north of us in Frederick, MD, too. Cool.

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  2. Hillary March 21, 2008 / 4:39 pm

    I love that. it really is unusual and cool.

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