If I Only Had One Arm…

My sweater would be done.

If I Only Had One Arm…

Of course, knitting with only one arm would be incredibly challenging and I probably wouldn’t be making a sweater in the first place.


I think I might be able to get the other one finished today, since I’m taking a random vacation day, which means I’ll have a new sweater for work tomorrow. Or, more likely Wednesday, since I will need to wash and block it first. With luck, I may be able to wear it two or three times before it gets too warm for long sleeves.

One thought on “If I Only Had One Arm…

  1. Mom March 10, 2008 / 6:52 pm

    Oh, GREAT JOB Sweetpea — it is beautiful!. A day off to knit can’t be replaced. ENJOY!! Hugs; see you soon!

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