Uh, Thanks?

Uh, Thanks?Because the postman often delivers to my street at oddly late hours, I happened to be home yesterday evening when he rang the bell to drop off a package. I ran downstairs quickly, thinking it was my first box of yarn from the Stitch DC stash club. This, however, was not the case. Instead, it was was a box from AT&T, containing what was possibly the stupidest promotion I have ever seen.  The phone company sent me three cans of Starbucks espresso, wrapped in bright-orange paper with quippy comments promoting AT&T broadband and HP laptops.  Huh?

I guess they’re suggesting that the their blazing-fast service and being super-caffeinated share something in common. I don’t know this for sure, though, because while there was enough space to recommend Vista (!) as  the best operating system to achieve this speedy Internet connection, there wasn’t enough room to provide a URL for more information. That’s right. They bought coffee, printed wrappers, boxed it up, shrink-wrapped it (twice), addressed it, but forgot to tell me how I can learn more about this great product. AT&T, time to fire your ad agency. It took a clever premise and rendered it useless.

Oh, and canned coffee? What’s up with that? Is this a common product that I have just never noticed before?

3 thoughts on “Uh, Thanks?

  1. Mom December 11, 2007 / 12:13 pm

    Wierd!! Oh, and I bet you can’t put the canned coffee in the nuker — E X P L O S I O N !! Although I do think seeing Starbucks blow up would be really funny!!!!

  2. randomduck December 11, 2007 / 2:15 pm

    Yup – Starbucks-in-a-Can is quite common these days. You can buy it by the case at Costco.

    But the lack of a URL is too damn funny – “sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

  3. Shannon December 11, 2007 / 9:20 pm

    That is….completely bizarre. I’m at a loss here.

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