Wednesday, Huh? Here’s Ten

I was halfway to work this morning when I realized it was Wednesday, and not Tuesday — the downside of the Monday holiday. By the time it dawned on me what day it was, I was already late for my 10:00 a.m. meeting. Whoops. I’m happy to report that it ended up being canceled, so the only person who knows I was going to be incredibly tardy is my officemate.

So, anyway, we’re one day closer to the weekend than I thought (always good) and I was shuffling randomly on the iPhone on the commute this morning anyway, so while my date confusion wasn’t great for my meeting punctuality, my weekly random ten won’t suffer. It’s a very, very strange combination of songs today, I must say. Have at it with yours in the comments, as usual.

  1. I’m On Fire, Bruce Springsteen
  2. Hope Tomorrow is Like Today, Guster
  3. With or Without You, U2
  4. Never Be Rude to an Arab, Monty Python
  5. Black Mirror, The Arcade Fire
  6. Faith, George Michael
  7. Only a Woman’s Heart, Mary Black
  8. Free to Be… You and Me, Marlo Thomas & Friends
  9. Every Little Bit, Patty Griffin
  10. Movin’ On, The Greencards

4 thoughts on “Wednesday, Huh? Here’s Ten

  1. randomduck November 14, 2007 / 12:40 pm

    Randomly, I present ten:

    1. “Chimp In A Suit” – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (Original Broadway Cast)
    2. “Farewell To Bitterroot Valley” – Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
    3. “Travelin’ Band” – Credence Clearwater Revival
    4. “Because” – The Bird & The Bee
    5. “Street Sweepers” – North Atlantic
    6. “Spin The Wink” – The Velvet Teen
    7. “She Moves In Secret Ways” – Polly Paulusma
    8. “Talk” – Coldplay
    9. “Proud Mary” – Credence Clearwater Revival
    10. “Nanook Rubs It” – Frank Zappa

  2. Shannon November 14, 2007 / 2:29 pm

    I’m continuing the strange assortment of songs with my list today (and it’s a tad Obession 619 heavy as well)

    1. Western Highway – Maura O’Connell
    2. Star Trekkin’ (across the universe) – Dr. Demento
    3. Stay – Shakespear’s Sister
    4. Voulez-Vous – Erasure (Abba-esque)
    5. Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode
    6. Wreck of the Day – Anna Nalick
    7. I Think I Love You – Partridge Family (And if you say hey go away, I WILL!!)
    8. Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – KT Tunstall
    9. Tessie – Dropkick Murphys (I think they have appeared in almost every Wed list of mine and I only have 3 or 4 songs of theirs on my MP3 player – weird)
    10. Superman – Sandi Thom

  3. sprite November 14, 2007 / 3:37 pm

    Here’s the list from my home machine, since I’m recuperating from a bug here:

    1. Down by the Sally Garden, RedBird
    2. The Norbals!, Moxy Fruvous
    3. Appeline, Jeffrey Foucault
    4. Some Days You Gotta Dance, Dixie Chicks
    5. Steady as She Goes, The Raconteurs
    6. Seven Wonders, Nickel Creek
    7. Old Man of the Mountain, Robbie O’Connell
    8. Silent Night (Hmmm… This must be off one of my dad’s annual holiday mixes and I don’t have the artist info in iTunes, but it’s a bunch of different singers, some of whom are better than others)
    9. Wayfaring Stranger, The Strangelings
    10. Learn How to Fall, Paul Simon

  4. Shannon November 14, 2007 / 3:40 pm

    Oops, that Partridge Family comentary was supposed to say “And if you say hey go away, I WON’T!)

    It was one of those things that was funny to us at the time.

    Now that I’ve had to correct it and explain it, it’s not funny at all. I’ll go away now.

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