Chicken, Marathon, and Passing

I selected my three beautiful things last night, before the end of the baseball game, so I’ll add the Red Sox World Series victory here in my intro as an honorable mention, with big cheers to the Sox fans (Shannon, Wendy, and Rudi, I’m looking at you) and apologies to the haters out there (Eileen, Marlene, and at least three of the Chrises).

1. After my semi-disastrous cookie-baking on Thursday, I was feeling leery about spending any more time in the kitchen, but I decided to persevere and make myself dinner. I’d been having a taste for chicken paprikas (chicken in a Hungarian-style paprika cream sauce with noodles) and it came out splendidly, which made me feel like I was getting a little of my kitchen mojo back.

2. My sister-in-law brought my nephews down to visit on Saturday, and the older of the two was very excited at having learned a new word on the way to my house: marathon. (They had passed the area where Sunday’s Marine Corps race was being set up.) As is his habit, he asked every question he could think of about marathons, and I found it so interesting to watch him figure out a new concept.

3. I found out this week that the student I tutor at the Washington Literacy Council passed a big test and moved on to the next book in the program. It’s a great confidence-builder, and I am so happy for him.

6 thoughts on “Chicken, Marathon, and Passing

  1. Mom October 29, 2007 / 10:18 am

    Beautiful! Chicken paprikas sounds interesting — will you share the recipe? Maybe the cooler temps are inspiring our culinary creativity. My small pot of homemade veg/beef soup last night was — pardon me — awesome 🙂

  2. Shannon October 29, 2007 / 10:59 am

    Thank you very much…you had more faith than I did when the Sox were down 3 to 1 against the Indians. Therefore I dub thee an honorary member of Red Sox Nation.

    Mmmm….I second that, Mom. Please share the Chicken recipe. That sounds delicious.

    On a final note, ESPN this morning dubbed the Red Sox the “new Yankees”. Gulp. Not so sure I want that moniker. But I won’t think about that today.

  3. Sweetpea October 29, 2007 / 11:10 am

    If you click where it says “chicken paprikas” in the post, it is linked to the recipe. I made a few adaptations, though:

    1. I skipped the drumsticks and just used skinless/boneless breasts and thighs.

    2. Instead of using 1.5 tablespoons of sweet paprika, I used one, and subbed in .5 Tbsp of half-sharp Hungarian paprika. This gave it a nice little bit of zing.

    3. The store was out of lowfat sour cream, so I went w/ regular.

    And just a note on the spices — don’t just use the plain-ol’ paprika from the grocery store. I did this before and it was… meh. The Hungarian paprika is just so much more flavorful. I got mine at the Penzey’s Spices store in Houston, but they’re also online.


    And Shannon, NPR called the Sox the new Yankees, too, but then quickly drew the distinction that, while the Yankees bought all their talent, the Sox drafted Youklis, Papelbon, and others and brought them up through the farm system.

  4. Shannon October 29, 2007 / 1:51 pm

    I saw that link after I hit the post button.


    And thanks for making that distinction. Very important.

  5. Wendy October 29, 2007 / 11:18 pm

    I’m not actually a Sox fan, but hey. I was happy they’d won (my Dad was very happy – he’s been a Sox fan since they founded the club – 1897?)

    And, I am a HUGE fan of Penzey’s – I order from there regularly. I love their Hot Curry Powder, and their Medium Hot Chili Powder.

    If you like curry, I will recommend the Hot Curry Powder (Madras style) highly. I made a Curried Butternut Squash and Carrot Bisque yesterday – it was incredible (no cream, just pureed vegetables, so very little fat). I’ll try to put together the recipe – I was kinda winging it, since I was inspired by the curry powder, and just using what I happened to have on hand. Let me know if anyone wants it…

  6. Mom October 30, 2007 / 8:28 am

    Wendy — I’d love that recipe — sounds yummy. I know what you mean about winging it — sometimes I sit right down after dinner and try to remember all I put in something that for whatever reason turned out incredibly good — too many years in the kitchen I guess.

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