Wednesday Random Ten

This week’s list is the exact opposite of last week’s — since I am home today, I am pulling the list from my entire iTunes collection, which has a lot more stuff than fits on either my iPod or iPhone. (Well, actually, it might all fit on the iPod if I didn’t have any video on it, but I do, so it doesn’t.) The only genre I de-selected was audiobooks, since they aren’t music. So, there’s a chance some classical or jazz, which I all-too-rarely pull onto the portables, may make it into the list.

  1. She’s a Rainbow, The Rolling Stones
  2. Take Me Home, Country Roads [Live], John Denver
  3. Move Over, Janis Joplin
  4. Mandinka, Sinéad O’Connor
  5. How the West was Won and Where it Got Us, R.E.M.
  6. Tears Dry on Their Own, Amy Winehouse
  7. Bang Bang Bang, Tracy Chapman
  8. Someday Never Comes, Brandi Carlile
  9. It’s Over, Lisa Loeb
  10. Free of Hope, Indigo Girls

Hm. No jazz or classical after all. Bummer. I wanted to look all sophisticated for once. Post your own — sophisticated or not — in the comments, as usual.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Random Ten

  1. randomduck October 24, 2007 / 1:40 pm

    Let’s see what the ‘ol randomizer brings up today (thankfully, not just the iPhone collection):

    1. “I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby” – Alison Krauss
    2. “Where The Streets Have No Name” – U2
    3. “No One Needs To Know” – Susan Werner
    4. “A Ransom” – Winterpills
    5. “Factory” – Martha Wainwright
    6. “Born To Hum” – Erin McKeown
    7. “Ooh La” – The Kooks
    8. “Just The Jester Fool” – Ellis Paul
    9. “Break Up” – Charlie Rich
    10. “Each Small Candle” – Roger Waters

    Some observations: iTunes loves the women today (Krauss, Werner, Wainwright, McKeown – even Winterpills has a female vocalist), at least in the opening salvo. And it’s all about the folkies (Krauss, Werner, Wainwright, McKeown, Winterpills and Paul).

    And Sweetpea: “She’s A Rainbow” is a fun track from the Stones’ most oddball album, Their Satanic Majesties Request – love it!

  2. sprite October 24, 2007 / 2:22 pm

    1. Video Bargainville (live version), Moxy Fruvous
    2. The Sun Doesn’t Like You, Norah Jones
    3. Come and Find Me, Josh Ritter
    4. Yemonoho, Gangbe Brass Band
    5. Seasons Pass, Mark Erelli
    6. Samsonite Man, Alicia Keys
    7. Cody’s Song, Kenny Loggins
    8. Bleecker Street, Jonatha Brooke
    9. Sinkin’ Soon, Norah Jones
    10. You’re Head’s Too Big, The Ditty Bops

    My iPod was under the impression I wanted mostly audiobook chapters and Christmas songs in my random mix today, but I kept assuring it that was just not so…

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