Firsts, Cancellations, and Ambien

I can hardly believe it’s Monday; I’m missing those three-day weekends already. But it’s time to focus on the good (the beautiful, in fact) and not the bad…

1. My nephew started preschool on Thursday and was so happy with his new, big-boy status that he made a point of telling his mom that, since it was going to be her first time taking care of his little brother without him, she could just call him at school if she needed his help. Though I wasn’t there, just picturing his earnest little face — and my sister-in-law’s, as she held in her laughter — makes me chuckle.

2. I had an incredibly hectic week at work, with too much to get done and too many meetings, so I was thrilled when I came in on Thursday to discover that Bossman’s unexpected absence caused every meeting I had that day to be canceled. It was like being given hours of my life back.

3. OK, so I realize controlled substances are probably an odd thing to include on the list, but when you’re as bad a sleeper as I am, the occasional Ambien is about the most beautiful thing in the world. Zzzzz.

2 thoughts on “Firsts, Cancellations, and Ambien

  1. Chris September 10, 2007 / 9:55 pm

    Ambien, huh?

    Wonder if Eileen will wander through here…

  2. Sweetpea September 10, 2007 / 10:45 pm

    Eh, they’re left over from the trip to Thailand. They work better at home than they ever did on the 17-hour flight or overnight train.

    And you’re looking for your wife on my blog? Sorry, haven’t “seen” her here in a few days. I think she’s off gallivanting around Houston with Mom.

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