Once Upon a Time

The enigmatic faces of Bayon.In a kingdom far, far away, I had an adventure.

Well, in two kingdoms, actually: Thailand and Cambodia. I had the great good luck to be sent to Bangkok for work last October, and spent almost two weeks touring about. (The work part of the trip only took one day. Seriously.)

Unfortunately, I have been incredibly slow about getting all my photos organized enough to share. I sent out one batch, of my stay in Bangkok, in February — before this blog, but I think I linked to them at some point. It’s taken six months to get another set ready, but at last, I have one. Siem Reap, Cambodia was actually the third leg of my trip, so I am out of sequence. But I hope to get to the middle part of the trip, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, soon.

And then I can start dealing with the film. All nine rolls of it.

Yes, these are just the digital pictures. There are more…