Trip, Ice Cream, and Solitude

Three beautiful things from the past week:

1. Bossman left yesterday for a 10-day trip to Cambodia. I had so much fun talking with him about his trip and telling him about the great time I had there. It brought up a lot of fun memories, and even inspired me to get back on the computer and work on my photos. With luck, I’ll have another vacation slideshow some time this week.

2. My former officemate emailed me in the middle of the day on Thursday to go make an ice cream run. It had been a while since we’ve gotten together, so it was great to enjoy a treat — and catch up — in the middle of what was, otherwise, a somewhat trying week.

3. This upcoming weekend begins what is looking to be about three months of near-constant activity, so I took advantage of the fact that it was too hot to leave the house (seriously, upper 90s to low 100s) to take a few days to just relax by myself. It was lovely.