You Asked for It

My new haircut.Well, at least Mom, Eileen, and Shannon did.

Today, I had Bossman (who’s a pretty good amateur photographer) take a few shots of my new haircut, and it turns out that it looks neither curly nor all that cute when photographed. I can guarantee that, in person, it is both.

Actually, it isn’t as curly today as it has been. I think going to physical therapy with it still wet this morning had a deleterious effect on the curls. They got kinda smushed when I did my exercises.

But anyway… at least my fun new bracelet looks really good in the picture.

2 thoughts on “You Asked for It

  1. Wendy June 26, 2007 / 10:01 pm

    I think both your hair and your bracelet look great! Your bracelet matches your eyes…very cool.

    Oh, and I just finished a round of physical therapy for a muscle spasm in my left butt cheek (please insert joke here).

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