The Best Sweetpea Story Ever!

So some of you have asked for dish on my big sis, Sweetpea, while she is away.  I’ve decided to share the following story because I think it captures the essence of her.  It is also hilarious (or maybe you had to be there), reminds me of my father, and touches on her love of books, which she has already spoken of.

Back in the early 80s, we road-tripped every Thanksgiving and Easter to spend time with our cousins in Baltimore. The 250 mile trip often took 6 or more hours by the time we stopped for food, the myriad bathroom breaks required for a family of five, etc. This particular trip was at Easter because we added a couple of days on the end to take our one and only family trip to DC (until we all lived there, that is). We stayed in Silver Spring (staying in the big bad city was too dangerous, or maybe expensive, or both).

Anyway, we were on our way home from DC when the old family royal blue station wagon sputtered to the side of Route 81 in Delano, Pennsylvania. Dad got out of the car, looked under the hood, kicked the tire and muttered something. Our big brother, Brian, followed suit (it was the man thing to do). [An integral piece of knowledge here, is that my Dad had the mechanical aptitude of a flea.] So Dad and Brian prepared to set out to walk into the town of Delano to seek much needed help. And lucky Mom, she got to stay behind with us girls, on the side of a hot road in the middle of nowhere, while the boys found a mechanic.

Now while this diagnostic scene is unfolding, I was in the back seat most likely having to either go to the bathroom or vomit (my two favorite past-times on trips of more than ten miles). And our Sweetpea crawled back in the tail gate (complete with mat/cushions to sleep on) with a good book and continued to read ignoring everything going on around her. For hours on end, she laid there reading, as if on a beach.

We were there for what seemed like days (probably just a couple of hours). Eventually, the car was fixed and we were on our way home again.

Days after the trip, once my Dad had calmed down (he never did well under such circumstances), he went to his Sweetpea and asked why she had not been upset, or really in any way visibly inconvenienced by the car breaking down. And, in her sweet, big blue eyed way she smiled at Daddy and noted that everyone getting anxious, or upset, hadn’t really seemed to help solve the situation, and since she had no solution to offer, she thought she’d just enjoy reading her book instead.

And that is my family in a nut shell. I hope Sweetpea is enjoying her beach this week, and her books. She’s earned it 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Best Sweetpea Story Ever!

  1. Shannon June 15, 2007 / 9:59 am

    Yep – that’s our Sweetpea in a nutshell. When the going gets tough, the tough breaks out a good book and reads.

    You do know now that you have officially squandered any future chances for guest blogging right? 😉

  2. Eileen June 15, 2007 / 10:04 am

    I hope not. It’s a cute story and does not reveal any deep, dark secrets — except that she has always been smart and quick witted. And there t’ain’t nothing wrong with that. We’ve had a lot of good laughs at that story over the years…let’s call it my father’s day tribute (maybe that can keep me out of the dog house 😉

  3. Sweetpea June 17, 2007 / 12:03 pm

    Heh. This is one of my favorite family stories, actually. I tell it when I need to explain how I am less “type-a” than the rest of the clan, for as I recall it, everyone (including you and Mom) were cussing, kicking the tires, and trying to diagnose/solve the problem. I don’t think I am quite as good at not stressing over things I can’t fix as I was then, but I do still try…

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