Fool’s Day, Indeed

‘Tis an appropriate day to start what is–for me–a foolish undertaking. I have never kept a journal or diary beyond a few weeks, so blogging isn’t a natural fit for me, but I’m giving it a go nevertheless. I need to learn more about social media for work, so having a blog of my own seemed like an easy first step. (Easier than figuring out MySpace, at any rate.) I still need to figure out all the things that are supposed go in the sidebar to the right, but that’ll come soon enough. Figuring it out tonight won’t get the living room vacuumed, though it would probably be more fun.

Before I go to tackle the tumbleweeds of cat hair that are forming in the corners, I’ll just ask that you bear with me as I figure out where this project is going to go. I don’t anticipate a big theme taking over–the mundane day-to-day is my plan–but I suppose one could appear. I do plan to filch a couple of weekly feature ideas from other blogs (like Sprite’s “Three Beautiful Things”) just to keep things moving.

Wish me luck…

4 thoughts on “Fool’s Day, Indeed

  1. sprite April 2, 2007 / 4:12 am

    Welcome to the blogosphere! Good luck with the endeavor. I hope you find it a fun thing to do — at least most days.

  2. Rudi April 2, 2007 / 3:21 pm


    Great to see you in the binary soup! Have fun with it, okay?

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