The More Things Change

Waiting and Waiting

A little over four years ago, I wrote what I think was my first “popular” post – insofar as it got picked up by a couple of local blog aggregators. It was called “Rockin’ the Red, Restroom-Style” and was most notable for the photo above of an immensely long line before overtime in a Caps playoff game. A playoff game that the Caps ultimately lost.

(Sound familiar?)

If you’re thinking it sounds like last night, minus a couple of overtimes, that’s correct.

Right down to the line for the restroom:

The men's room line before OT2.
The men’s room line before OT2.

Of course, I now know that a single overtime game is nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, last night’s game clocked in just about five minutes short of being two whole games. It was exhausting to watch; I don’t know how any of the players on either team will ever move again.But they will, because unlike four years ago, last night was only game three, so the Caps playoff hopes continue for this year.

Let’s Go Caps!

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