Music on Monday: Evita

Stealing an idea from sprite tonight to get a post up so I can go to bed. The music I offer for this Monday night is a preview of what I’ll be seeing in New York on Saturday night.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually seen the movie of “Evita.” I’ve been in love with the music (original Broadway cast, with Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin) since I was a kid, but somehow the idea of it being a movie just never seemed right. I’m totally excited to see it on stage, though.

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2 thoughts on “Music on Monday: Evita

  1. Saw this the first time decades ago!! I remembered when Sarah recalled Dad’s frequently made comment, something like, “we were so close to the stage we could see the seams in Patti LuPone’s stockings” :) I hope to catch the revival. ENJOY!

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