Wednesday Random 10

Since I went all wayback on Monday with my first grade birthday photos, I thought I’d pull a different meme off the shelf for today – one I used to do regularly but haven’t done in ages – the random 10. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how it works:

Just start your iPod, iTunes, whatever music player you use, and write down the first ten tracks that come up. No cheating and skipping around until you get the cool songs.

And so, these are the first 10 songs that showed up on my iPhone today:

  1. “Caramia” – Indigo Girls
  2. “South Town Girls” – The Hold Steady
  3. “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” – Journey
  4. “Think” – Information Society
  5. “Stupid Girl” – Garbage
  6. “Take on Me” – ah-ha
  7. “Trouble” – Shawn Colvin
  8. “Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles
  9. “Mindless” – The Soup Dragons
  10. “How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live” – Bruce Springsteen & the Seeger Sessions Band

Now it’s your turn: What are you listening to today?

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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Random 10

  1. My random ten for the Que Sarah comments:

    1. “Twist and Shout” – The Beatles
    2. “Something” – George Harrison
    3. “Graceland” – Paul Simon
    4. “Johnny 99″ – Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
    5. “Fanfare for the Common Man” – Zubin Mehta & the National Philharmonic
    6. “Lemon” – U2
    7. “Caroline No” – Brian Wilson
    8. “Nice and Easy” – Frank Sinatra
    9. “Yesterday’s Wine” – Willie Nelson
    10. “Six O’Clock” – Ringo Starr

  2. Here are mine…

    1. I Dreamed A Dream – Les Miserables, Original London Cast Recording
    2. I Love You – Sarah McLachlan
    3. Big Girls Don’t Cry – Jersey Boys Cast
    4. Least Complicated – Indigo Girls
    5. Hope Alone – Indigo Girls
    6. Run – Snow Patrol
    7. All of Your Life – The Band Perry
    8. Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks
    9. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
    10. Shamrock and the Rose – The Whole Shabang

    Huh…the iPhone seems to be in a Country/Broadway sort of mood this evening.

  3. Three Cool Cats – The Beatles; Anthology 1
    Dear Jeepers – Frank Zappa; Cucamonga
    Smokey Joe’s Cafe – The Robins; Doo Wop Box II Volume 1 (1951-55)
    This Boy – The Beatles; Past Masters Vol. 1
    Digging In The Dirt – Peter Gabriel; Us
    Overture – Jesus Christ Superstar Original Cast Recording
    Brad Logan; Rancid; South Park: Chef Aid
    From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) – Bruce Springsteen; Essential Disk 3
    Kodachrome – Simon & Garfunkel; The Concert In Central Park
    Hate Tank – M.O.D.; U.S.A For M.O.D.

  4. I’m playing along today with my work iTunes, which highlights that I have not done any maintenance on it since the Christmas season ended:

    1. “Sidewalk Chalk” – The A-Sides
    2. “Ode to the International Debt” – Sweet Honey in the Rock
    3. “Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel” – Wynonna Judd
    4. “Chasing Pavements” – Adele
    5. “Because It’s There” – Ellis Paul
    6. “Joy to the World” – Faith Hill
    7. “Catch a Falling Star” – Perry Como
    8. “Mississippi Bottom Blues” – Rory Block
    9. “White Christmas” – Martin Sexton
    10. “Get To Leave” – Giant Sand

    I’ll now be unchecking all the Christmas music…

  5. NOW, for The Old Folks List (I don’t do ear buds–surprise–so this had to waits until I qued it up today! So, here goes:

    1). Overture — My Fair Lady
    2). All of Me — Frank Sinatra
    3). Amazing Grace — bagpipers
    4). Come Away With Me — Nora Jones
    5). Stop In the Name of Love — Jonell Mosser
    6). Celtic Carrols — Tarallyr
    7). Four Green Fields — Makem & Clancy
    8). Big River Overature — John Short
    9). Blowin in the Wind — The Best of Peter, Paul, & Mary
    10) It’s The Same Old Dream — Frank Sinatra
    11) It Keeps You Runnin (Forest Gump) — The Doobie Brothers
    12) Botany Bay — Makem & Clancy
    13) Chicago — Sinatra

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