My DC: Happy Halloween?

This is a house across the street from where I live. Clearly, these folks dig Halloween — this display has gotten bigger each of the three years I’ve lived in my current apartment. Now, I love a good holiday display, but spiders? Ugh. I seriously hate spiders, so I can’t help but wish I had neighbors who are deeply into pumpkins, instead.

(I hope the photos look ok — I am loading this entire post, photos and all, from my phone, so they aren’t color-corrected or cropped.)

Updated to make the photos bigger. The full creepiness of the spiders was kinda lost in the miniaturized versions the iPhone application loaded.

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9 thoughts on “My DC: Happy Halloween?

  1. I actually kind of like that display. But OMG I can’t imagine the effort needed to put it together. At least it’s not corny like some displays in my neighborhood.

  2. @ Hillary – Very true; it clearly takes a ton of effort because it is really well done. If it were anything other than spiders, I’d probably love it!

  3. I just showed this to a friend at the office & she could not quit saying “OMG”, “OMG” — loves it :) Question from Annie: Do they light it up at night?

  4. @ Mom — Yep. They have a flickery, strobe-like light on it at night. It’s really well-done and high-quality; it’s just the theme I don’t like.

  5. The first thing I thought was “Ew! Sarah must HATE HATE HATE this with the spiders and all”….as I was the roommate who had to come kill the spiders all the time. ;)

    Even my daughter squeal “EWWWWWWWWWWW” when she saw it. But then said, “That’s cool. How did they do that?”

    It is neat. How original? But I don’t think even I could live under that. Ick.

    Can you take a night picture?

  6. I’m with you Sarah…Hate those spiders! Meg kills all ours when J’s not home. Lauren and I go all girly and freaky when those things are crawling around.

    Ummm…what’s your costume decision?????

  7. LOVE IT…so do the kids! The light at night would be a little creepy for two of the kids, but the other would get excited.

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